Webkinz Hosts Are Here To Help!


Did you know that you can invite the following Webkinz Hosts to be your friends in Webkinz World:


  • Arte Fact
  • Ms. Cowoline
  • Tabby Von Meow
  • Amanda Panda
  • Fred Rover
  • Sheldon Turtle
  • PJ Collie


All you need to do to invite them is click on your Friends List (located above your Dock), click the ADD button and type their names in the space provided.



Once you have Webkinz Hosts as friends you can:


Play games against them at the Tournament Arena

Choose game, pick a Host from your Friends List then click the INVITE FRIEND button to play (applies to Checkers, Bathtub Battles, Link’D and Switcherooz ONLY)



Ask them for help with your Building Projects

Drag and drop a Building Kit into your pet’s room and click on it to see the materials you’ll need. Click the ASK FRIENDS button below any material then choose a Host from your Friends List. They might not help you every time but if they do, you’ll know instantly because they’ll send you a reply in the Message Center! You can buy Building Kits at the WShop.



Send them KinzPost Letters and Gifts!

Every time you send a Host a letter or gift from KinzPost there’s a chance they will send you a reply, or maybe even a gift! Make sure you don’t send them anything you want to keep because you won’t get it back once the gift is sent.




Ask them for help for Friend Request Challenge tasks

If you see a Challenge that you need friends for to complete, click the ASK FRIENDS button then choose a Host from your Friends List and click SEND. They might not help you every time but if they do, you’ll know instantly because they’ll send you a reply in the Message Center!



Are you friends with all the Webkinz Hosts?


76 Responses to Webkinz Hosts Are Here To Help!

  1. Webkinz_Love122 says:

    I wish the hosts were better with Challenge tasks. I have annoyed all of my friend so much lately with building projects (So sorry to all of you!! ) so I’m trying to just ask hosts and my really really close friends on W.W. The hosts are really good at responding to building projects but not so much for Challenge tasks! I wish they were better at that!

  2. tinygma says:

    It didn’t work getting the faces :(

    • JesusismyLord830 says:

      hello tinygma, try these: (this is a colon : ) ok so instead of colons, I’m putti-ng dashes, so just replace- my dashes with colons. -mad- :mad: -cry- :cry: -oops- :oops: -roll- :roll: -evil- :evil: -lol- :lol: -mrgreen- :mrgreen: and to make this one: 8-) (may not have worked) do eight dash right parentheses 8 – ) I hope I helped, JesusismyLord.

  3. Bazinga says:

    what happened to debbie dragon?

  4. Bazinga says:

    :devil :crazy :dumb :rolling

  5. NatyMary says:

    Omg!! So awesome! :D Now its more faster to finish the missions! Thanks Webkinz!

  6. samsam2626 says:

    This is a cool feature!

  7. SmoresOfScotland says:

    I friended them a long time ago, but I’ve always wondered why not ALL of the hosts are included? Like markg97 said, Debbie Dragon isn’t included. Neither are Alyssa and Nafaria, or Persephone. How come?

    • catsareawesome26 says:

      Good question about Nafaria and Alyssa and Persephone. Webkinz actually got rid of Debbie (she’s not at Vacation Island anymore.) I suppose Alyssa and Nafaria can’t be our friends because we don’t buy things from them… sort of like why Wacky isn’t our friend. Maybe Webkinz is working on that or just don’t chose to.

  8. True2MyWord1 says:

    Which hosts are you friends? I think I may have already befriended them all. Wish there were more! Post your favorite host below and friend me!!! -T2MW1-

  9. markg97 says:

    But what ever happen to Debbie Dragon?

  10. Hunnypoo128 says:

    Will they help with solving the clothing recipes…pleeeeease!?!?! ;)

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