Coming Soon: Signature Border Terrier

The Signature Border Terrier will be arriving in stores this July!

87 Responses to Coming Soon: Signature Border Terrier

  1. arcticfox says:

    Wow this is so cute!<3

  2. charzielot says:

    AWWW… I want it.

  3. cloebearky says:

    its sooo cute!

  4. msuadaline says:

    its so darn cute, but I might not get it

  5. Dunkin says:

    This is really cute- I may get this one ^^

  6. webkinzqueen says:

    I like him alot.I wish could get signature border terrier puppy.

  7. j1petgirl says:

    I want that puppy sooooooooooo badly! It’s cute and adorable!

  8. chickenpotpie45 says:

    Oh my goodness! I have been suggesting this for years! Finally! I own a border terrier puppy, and she is adorable! Imagine it as a webkinz! EEK!!!!

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