Back to School Click to Win

School is in session, and it’s time to get some new gear!

Look for this special ad between September 6 and September 13 to win GanzWorld exclusive prizes! When you find it, click on it, fill in the fields correctly and a GanzWorld exclusive prize will be added to your Webkinz World account. Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day. Each day lasts from 12:00am EST until 11:59pm EST.

On Webkinz Newz, you’ll be able to win one of the following prizes.

Want more prizes? Have your parents check the Parent Club!

99 Responses to Back to School Click to Win

  1. Girly Girl says:

    I am so exited to go back to school.

  2. francinejellybean says:

    it is over,i did not get hoo.

  3. cameron says:

    i wish i could win everythink lol from cameron.

  4. sheare says:

    How coooo,l im going to use the posters for my classroom on webkinz world.Love the click to win’s. Always get a cooool prize for my rooms:) {Sincerely} sheare

  5. Gabith55 says:

    I don’t want the school stuff or whatever this is…… i highly dislike school.

  6. kathy says:

    they are cool, but,, mabe they can put some school outfits!!!??

  7. adsplease says:

    please can i get some thing

  8. elizibeth says:

    i want to win so bad.

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