Colored sand in a bottle

What you need:

-          Small glass bottles with lids, cleaned and dried well

-          Sand

-          Chalk, in a variety of colors

-          Wax paper

-          Funnel

What you do:

1.       Sprinkle some sand on wax paper. Roll over sand with chalk until sand is coated in color. Transfer to plastic container. Repeat process with different colors of chalk, until you have several containers of sand in a variety of colors.

2.       Using funnel, pour one color of sand into your glass bottle. Turn the bottle to the side slightly to get an interesting angle, and then add another color of sand.

3.       Keep adding different colors until the bottle is filled to the very top. (If you leave any air in the bottle, your colors will shift more easily.)

4.       Put lid on tightly.

43 Responses to Colored sand in a bottle

  1. curly_love says:

    that is so so so so so so so so so so cool! i will love to have it at my party thank you ganz for that cool idiea!

  2. Ilovemypets8 says:


  3. mgm3182 says:

    It turns out so pretty. I do it a little different.
    I did this at school once, it’s much fun!
    Great present for any Holiday in my eyes. ;)
    I also like to make ‘Magic Drink’ like water
    and chalk colours & you can also pretend
    with yellow chalk it’s an banana milkshake! :)

  4. angel111 says:

    i luv doing this it is so amesome i just did it today it is so fun.

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