Colored sand in a bottle

What you need:

-          Small glass bottles with lids, cleaned and dried well

-          Sand

-          Chalk, in a variety of colors

-          Wax paper

-          Funnel

What you do:

1.       Sprinkle some sand on wax paper. Roll over sand with chalk until sand is coated in color. Transfer to plastic container. Repeat process with different colors of chalk, until you have several containers of sand in a variety of colors.

2.       Using funnel, pour one color of sand into your glass bottle. Turn the bottle to the side slightly to get an interesting angle, and then add another color of sand.

3.       Keep adding different colors until the bottle is filled to the very top. (If you leave any air in the bottle, your colors will shift more easily.)

4.       Put lid on tightly.

43 Responses to Colored sand in a bottle

  1. HELLO says:


  2. Dewstep here is the answer says:

    When you see the pop up bar it should either be under the website name or anywhere on top of the screen. then click temporarily will work for treasure hunt and cupcake or you could click don’t allow pop ups would work also hope this helps!
    ~awesomegal a.k.a. REDLEAH (username all caps)

  3. at757 says:

    that looks okay all though it is not that hard not trying to be mean.

  4. Sukhman says:

    I don’t really like the colors they chose, but with my own colors, it would be awesome! If I had enough sand, I could bring it to the beach and dump it! LOL!

  5. Iceana says:

    I love doing this! It looks so pretty in my room! All of the sand in my jars is a different shade of purple! (My favorite color!)

  6. Someone says:

    What? that person copied, pasted, and took credit for the recipe… :roll:

  7. Zike says:

    Who knew putting sand in a bottle was so complicated… It’s sort of like my hot rocks post!

  8. FrozenIceFox says:

    I don’t know what is so special about colored sand. It’s just colored sand… All of you people that like colored sand are just plain strange. There is nothing special about them.

  9. poodle owner says:

    I would love to have that! I could make it, but 1.I need to what for the summer vacation for sand. 2. I don’t know what to do with it and three it will spill all over the place.

  10. IceWolf* says:

    I have made one of those before! In kindergarden!!! It was REALLY fun!!! We made one for Father’s Day! It was about 6 years ago though. But I still have it! It is red, white, and blue!!! It’s AWESOME!!!!! I wish they had a pic to show you guys what it looks like! ~IceWolf* = )

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