Fennec Fox Contest

Open to Webkinz World players residing in the USA and Canada (some exceptions apply).

The Fennec Fox didn’t always have such large ears, but one day decided to get a makeover… tell us how the Fennec Fox ended up with such large ears in 1000 characters or fewer, and you could win an eStore exclusive Fennec Fox virtual pet (the “Prize”)!

The contest opens at 12:00am EST on May 6, 2011 and ends at 11:59 pm EST on May 8, 2011. For details on how to enter the contest and the official contest rules, click here.

Visit the Contests page when the contest opens and fill out the form to enter to this contest. Comments do not count as entries.

88 Responses to Fennec Fox Contest

  1. CobraFreek says:

    I am a writer. I LOVE foxes, and for your information (all the people leaving negative feedback) this looks incredibly like the REAL Fennec Fox, they do have overly large ears, abnormally large, but this helps them to survive in the harsh desert climates they live in… it both cools their body temperature & alerts them of any close prey or predators lurking nearby.

  2. lollypop says:

    awwwww its sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE foxs on monday one was in our yard!!!!

  3. sushibeecat5 says:

    he was washing his fur but he mistaked the ear grow stuff with shampoo and his ears grew

  4. ponyqueen1999 (username) says:

    as much as i want to get this i wanna know who won the 3 month deluxe membership contest and the shuffles contest its been over a month and i still don’t know who won and its driving me CRAZY!!!!!

  5. Zashaforever says:

    to lovely,
    cool i kinda want to be an author to. what kind of book(s) your going to write? if it’s about animals like WOLVES OF THE BEYOND i’ll promise i’ll get it. AND spread the word about your book(s) so you can win!

  6. animallover says:

    AW!!! i love fennec foxes!!! they are so cute for real!!! i don’t know if i should enter though…

  7. foxlover101 says:

    Man this Webkinz is so cute! I would do anything to get it,now to think of a story. :D

  8. Annie says:

    The Fennec Fox looks like its from the desert. I believe it’s large ears help them cool themselves off and hear for their prey and predators. That’s what i think i heard from PLanet Earth videos :D

  9. 4161a says:

    the fox have very big ears because the fox want to be nice and the bust fox ever!!!!!!!
    BUST FOX EVER!!!! love you!!!!

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