Laurabeard’s Lunch

It’s my first week back at Kinzville Academy since I went away on my brother’s ship last year, and I have to say – it’s kind of weird getting back into things. Sometimes it feels like everyone else just carried along without me and forgot about me. The thing is, before I went away, Nibbles and I would always eat lunch together. Like, every single day. On the first day of school a whole bunch of us sat together, but I came into the lunchroom a little late yesterday and went to find Nibbles and she said sorry but she told Janice that she would sit with her today.  Huh? Since when do Nibbles and Janice sit together? Janice is one of Purr-Cilla’s friends. Nibbles said I could join them if I wanted but I didn’t want to because there was only one seat by Janice and I don’t really know her anyway. Plus, if she’s anything like Purr-Cilla I’m not sure I want to know her. I went outside and ate my lunch by myself under a tree. I wonder if it’s going to be like this every day. I sure hope not.

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  1. BuffaloGirl14075 says:

    Laurabeard, just because you went away does not mean that your friends forgot you. They moved on and made new friends. Nibbles tried to get you to meet Janice to include you into her new friendship. I think you should join them, who knows, you may find that you like Janice. Give it a try. Expand your horizons!!

  2. oldwooffie says:

    I would feel the same way, Lauraberg, but can I ask you that you give Janice a chance? Nibbles probably should have told you that she was sitting with Janice.

  3. Webkinz#1 says:

    Nibbles still likes you, but Janice is MUCH nicer than Purr-Cilla. Nibbles is just expanding her friends list. Just try to become friends with Janice too and then you can become the Three Amigos! :)

  4. >^..^< Catkin says:

    Oh wow middle school is so all about the drama.

  5. cstanz says:

    What did you expect them to do, Laurabeard? They did move on without you, you weren’t there, that doesn’t mean they forgot about you. You have to make some adjustments, instead of making a judgement about Janice based on one of her friends that you don’t like, why don’t you give her a chance? She may be more like Nibbles, whom you do like.

    • DragonPrincess says:

      Well said! What did she expect Nibbles to do, mope around by herself all summer while she was out having fun? That’s not fair. Like cstanz says, you have to adjust and give Janice a chance. Nibbles can be friends with both of you and you could gain a new friend, which would be great, otherwise you might lose Nibbles by being selfish. ~DP

  6. cathouse2j3gnight2011 says:

    It’s OK laurabeard. Nibbles will still sit with you. You’ll see. >>cathouse2

  7. cece945 says:

    Awe laurabeard Janice changed I’m so sorry what happened maybe you give Janice a chance to be friends it will be nice :) I promise it wont be like this all year heres adivice make new friends, be nice, and dont sit alone at lunch! :)

  8. canyao says:

    laurabeard, i would like to and love to have lunch with you. plz reply laurabeard

    • ~*Green Zebra*~A.K.A solocup says:

      laurabeard i feel sorry for u but get to know janice if nibbles likes her then u should try to get along! *’*'*green zebra out*’*'* :mrgreen: :roll: ;-)

      • Chicago Made says:

        I’ sorry, Laurabeard. But just because they got to move on without you doesn’t mean they don’t care about you or they forgot about you. And about Janice, I think you should just give her a chance, you know, to be around her? Like, be friends with her? I bet she’s not as bad as you think she is. Just talk to Janice, and be friends with her. ;) ~Chicago Made^.^ (My old signature isn’t working)

        • System Of A Down Chick.....Yep says:

          I agree, @CM. Lauabeard, just talk to Janice, I bet she’s nice. :) -SOAD Chick

        • Midnight Sky A.K.A nihao9 says:

          Laurabeard, just talk to Janice! Give her a chance! If one day your friend is sitting next to someone u don’t know, then that doesn’t automatically mean that there traders or mean people. U got to give people chances, Laurabeard. U can’t just run away from them and just automatically think there mean. Just give her a chance, and I assure u, she’s probably a really nice person. :D -☾Ⓜⓘⓓⓝⓘⓖⓗⓣ⋆Ⓢⓚⓨ☾

  9. kittykat99 says:

    I’m really sorry Laurabeard. hope the next day of school is better.

  10. Monkey Business :) says:

    Aw LauraBeard, don’t be like that! U KNOW that Nibbles loves u, and I think it would be really cool if Janice was able to be part of the Kinzville Kidz!!! Please, give her a chance! :)

    •'s the thing says:

      Laurabeard, the only time Janice acts like Purr-Cilla is when she is with Purr-Cilla. She is to intimidated to stand up against Purr-Cilla, and she’s really much nicer than she seems

    • Tiffany says:

      Laurabeard, Janice changed and now she’s nicer. Nibbles is just being friendly cause now Janice is kinda a loner since she left Purr-cilla. Why can’t you be nicer too? ~Tiff

      • Gabriella♥ says:

        Laurabeard, quit being so snotty. Nibbles is being nice, can’t you see that? And Janice is a better person, too! Don’t hold grudges, cause grudges don’t make friends. If you won’t accept Janice, you’ll lose Nibbles. ♥

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