Laurabeard’s Letter to Nibbles

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  1. Streamheart` says:

    I have never been in the woods for real. Though i would like to just to see the cool creatures like deer or mice. My Best Friend Forever and I always explore around the house for little bugs and plants!

  2. leea555 says:

    hey you can write some really great adventures.

  3. leea4565 says:

    wow laura thats so cool. and it sounds awsome.

  4. GirlieGirl says:

    That’s really weird cause I’m making a forest room on Webkinz. LOL! Anyway, I think Webkinz should REALLY do a Lord of the Rings room. It would be really pretty. I really hope you consider this.

    GirlieGirl signing out……………..until next time

  5. bodee says:

    found some new kitty’s under a chicken shed

  6. ChedderChessSet says:


  7. lillyluvie says:

    Cool! :) I luv to bike on trails with my friends, its really fun! :D *Luv from LillyLuvie*

  8. live*laugh*love=happiness says:

    Me and my BFF go into the woods all of the time. It’s not scary. Mostly we look for mushrooms when they’re in season.
    But I guess we wouldn’t be scared cuz we’ve all pretty much grown up by the woods. ;)

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