Making the Perfect Tea Party

By Amanda Panda

I mentioned to my Grandma the other day that I was planning to throw a party and she came up with a suggestion I hadn’t even thought of – a tea party. How quaint!

If I were to throw a tea party it would be an elegant afternoon fête. We would definitely dress up – no self respecting Webkinz would have a tea party without hats, jewelry and gloves. Maybe I could ask my mom if she had any old hats and gloves I could use, or I could go to the dollar store and get some inexpensive pieces that my friends could take home with them.

My mother has a beautiful antique tea service and a collection of pretty tea cups, but if you’re worried about your good ones getting broken, you could always buy some mismatched cups from a secondhand shop, or use a toy tea set. I’d also need an attractive tray with small plates and napkins, and small forks and spoons.

There are lots of different types of tea I could serve, and lemonade or ice tea would be a sweet option for those who don’t want the real thing.

Finger sandwiches are de rigueur at a tea party (those are small sandwiches that you eat with your fingers – not sandwiches shaped like fingers!!!) And my grandma gave me her family recipe for scones so I could serve those with strawberry jam for dessert – just like the queen has with her tea (I think!)

This would be a marvelous idea for a party. It suits me to a tee, don’t you think?

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  1. i rock out! says:

    A tea party! Sounds fun!! ~ttyl;)

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