Meet the New (and more casual) Dr. Quack!

What’s up, Webkinz friends? It’s your old pal Persephone! You would NOT believe how busy I’ve been this month – it’s totally crazy! That’s why, when Dr. Quack called me up and asked if I could give him a makeover, I was initially hesitant – but then he emailed me this picture:












And (after I finished staring at the screen, trying to figure out WHAT he was thinking), I decided I could squeeze him into my hectic schedule.

Fortunately, Dr. Quack just wanted to find a more casual look – nothing over-the-top. I was happy to help out!











Wow! Dr. Quack, look at you! You’re totally cool and casual. Fitted jeans, a black tee and cool running shoes make this look completely awesome. And, thank goodness, no plaid in sight. Whew.

216 Responses to Meet the New (and more casual) Dr. Quack!

  1. sarah bug* says:

    i liked him before. i mean his old look fits his character. he looked like the kinda guy who would play golf and could be a docter at the same time. now he looks young(and he’s not)like one of those people who doesnt care how they look! >:(

  2. ella says:

    I think he looks fat too plus that he looks like a teenager! (so ugly)

  3. cookiemix12 says:

    that outfit makes him look fat

  4. A Person says:

    Dr. Quack looks kind of fat with that casual look…… just saying.

  5. Webkinz Lover! says:

    I think he look soo much better! :D

  6. Betty says:

    I like the second pictureof you.You look completely awesome.

  7. TheAlkKids says:

    I’m not sure if I like the outfits….. I think he should stick to the old fashion!

  8. Maddie says:

    it looks fine, he just looked better da way he wuz.

  9. oifs says:

    Haha soooooo cool Docter!

  10. hyu789 says:


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