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Dear Plumpy,

Hi! Camp is totally awesome!!!  I have been having a great time so far. I am sharing a cabin with Roberta, Cowabelle, Molly, Polly and Sally.

The only thing that is NOT so good about camp is that tomorrow we are supposed to start our swimming lessons. I know you think I’m a big baby when it comes to water, Plumpy, but I can’t help it. Water IS scary. The water in the lake is really dark and cold. And there are FISH in the lake! It’s not like swimming in a pool at all! And what if the other kids laugh at me? Maybe they’re all really great swimmers and they’re going to think I’m lame because I can’t swim very well at all.

Oh, Plumpy – I’m really scared. I wish I didn’t have to do swimming at camp. Everything else at camp is so much fun. Why does this one stupid thing have to ruin it?

Love you,


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  1. webkinz says:

    Just hde under your bed all day. xD

  2. jupiterismyhamster says:

    Poor Nibbles – I couldn’t even IMAGINE being afraid of the water. I have always lived by the ocean, and no matter the season, I’m in the water more often than not. I can’t even remeber learning to swim, I was that young. In the summer, I LIVE in the water. (Live FOR the water, more accurately) But the worrying about other people thing, I CAN relate to- there isn’t a single sport I don’t stink at (except maybe swimming), and my advice is to try your best, accept your limits, and don’t worry about the other people. As long as you are having fun, nothing else matters.

  3. Anna says:

    Plumpy?…AWSOME! I think that’s so cool don’t you???

  4. Boba says:

    For crying out loud, you’re a hippo! You are supposed to like water!

  5. allib2000 says:

    You can always get in the water for a minute or two, and I’m sure you’ll love it. If you’re still scared, you can get out knowing that you tried, and if the ‘Kinz at camp are really your friends, they won’t laugh at you.
    P.S- fish are nothing to be afraid of. :-)

  6. They call me fishstick says:

    Don’t worry Nibbles, I was afraid to swim to, but now, I always am in the pool or at the beach swimming!

  7. PebblesSmokeyRules says:

    It’s OK, Nibbles! I don’t know how to swim either! What I do when I’m around people, I just kind of bob around in the water, act like I can swim. My 13 year old brother can’t swim either! Well, he has a reason. He had a scary experience when he was little. He took a swimming lesson (this was when he was 5), and the teacher said to let go of the edge of the pool, so my brother let go and sunk. Luckily, my mom’s student at the college saw him (my mom’s a professor) and he saved him. My brother refuses to take swimming lessons now!

  8. ILoveFinnick says:

    i hate swimming! However, I just got back from boating with my friends. Even though I am terrified of water, I went on the tube behind the boat. I was soooo scared, and I fell into the lake. It felt good to face my fears though, even if I didn’t enjoy it very much!!!!

  9. rachelkory says:

    I have a few solutions to your problem, Nibbles. (1) Pretend that the water is full of scrumptious Stubbly Grass Nibbles. Do that and your sure to jump in. (Just don’t drink the water.) (2) Listen to the Webkinz whose teaching the swimming lesson. I’m sure he/she will give some tips for Webkinz who don’t know how to swim. (3) Get some help from counslers,friends, or even Plumpy. (4) Have fun! Hope this helps!

  10. Ilovemypets8 says:

    After you get use to it then you might be happy that you started swimming and learn how.

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