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Dear Plumpy,

Hi! Camp is totally awesome!!!  I have been having a great time so far. I am sharing a cabin with Roberta, Cowabelle, Molly, Polly and Sally.

The only thing that is NOT so good about camp is that tomorrow we are supposed to start our swimming lessons. I know you think I’m a big baby when it comes to water, Plumpy, but I can’t help it. Water IS scary. The water in the lake is really dark and cold. And there are FISH in the lake! It’s not like swimming in a pool at all! And what if the other kids laugh at me? Maybe they’re all really great swimmers and they’re going to think I’m lame because I can’t swim very well at all.

Oh, Plumpy – I’m really scared. I wish I didn’t have to do swimming at camp. Everything else at camp is so much fun. Why does this one stupid thing have to ruin it?

Love you,


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  1. Narniaisawesome1412 says:

    Don’t worry Nibbles! I was scared of swimming at first but I learned to love it! and I’m sure you will too.


  2. Hello Kitty ROX! says:

    I can’t swim either! Oh well, I will learn! It will be fine Nibbles!

  3. TheDisneyFreak says:

    IDK WinterFawn, but they might be! It’ll be fine Nibbles! I thought Hippos are like, in water all the time, like others said, but I guess Nibbles Isn’t one of those hippos…

  4. WinterFawn says:

    Are the fish like webkinz fish? =)

  5. bunbun 4427 says:

    i am scared of water too (i cant swim)

  6. mieert says:

    its a bit sad 2 b afraid of water dont u think

  7. greycloud says:

    gee poor little nibbles i’d hate to have to be laughed at:(well the counslors will take care of her:)(nibbles pretend you dont feel good during the time u get to swim:)

  8. Kayakitten says:

    Poor Nibbles! Maybe she will like swimming lessons after a while.

  9. TimberWolf says:

    It’s kind of ironic-aren’t hippos supposed to LIKE water? These letters are okay, I guess, but I would like to hear more about that prankster!


  10. Moonstar says:

    I ♥ to swim!! -Moonstar§

    • Moonstar says:

      Here are a few tips Nibbles!
      *Don’t show how swimming bugs you. I made a mistake last year showing fear of something and everyone started doing it to make me scared.
      *Camp is for learning and having fun, so don’t worry! As long as your try your hardest, you’ll do good!
      *Listen to what the counselors say. When they are finished explaining, pull them aside and tell them how you feel about going into the water. They will help you feel right at home! -Moonstar§

      • LillyLuvie says:

        Its okay Nibbles! Swimming is really fun! You’ll like it once you get used to it. :D
        *Luv From LillyLuvie*

        • Addict502 says:

          I can’t swim either :lol: :) Oh well. Have fun! You’ll do fine! $~Addict502~$

          • ESL says:

            i can’t swim and i don’t want to! i hate deep water! my sis doesn’t know how to swim either. one time she went out into the lake a little too far and she almost drowned but my friend was there and she saved her so everything was ok!

          • kinzklipfan says:

            You’ll be fine. And as Moonstar said, don’t show fear of the water. And Plumpy may write back. New owner of old owned Webkinz that were taken then were at a garage sale, ~:: kkf~~kinzklipfan~~ :: $

          • Anonoymus says:

            I used to be terified of water and swimming, especialy the water-up-the-nose thing, but then, one time at the beach, my cousin was out on a boogie-board, and was catching rides on the waves so good she was riding into shore. She told me to try it, and I did, and it was awesome. Now, whenever I go to the beach, I’m always in the water.

        • boingie1 says:

          swimming is cool but i am no good
          Keep posting!

      • Webkinz says:

        I have the same problem. I swim horribly and I can only do a puppy paddle and I hate swimming in water besides pools.

      • Dewstep says:

        Im teriffied of bees and once i told my friends that and they would always be like… THERES A BEE BEHIND YOU!! then i would run screaming! i laughed when i knew it was a joke! :D :D :D ~ Dewstep

      • DairyQueen says:

        Nibbles, it’s OK 2 be afraid. But the fish won’t hurt you.
        Wear a life vest in the water. If the other kids laugh at you, tell the counselor.
        Don’t swim 2 far, and try not to go underwater.
        And bring a sweater to wear after the lesson, if u have a chill!

      • Mudstar says:

        I love to swim, too! But today I learned I don’t like swimming in lakes. Today I had an away swim meet and there was a lake by that pool. After the meet a couple of my friends and I went down to the dock and jumped off. Let’s just say I now prefer to stick to swimming pools instead of lakes. The water was really murky so you had no idea how deep it was and I just can’t get over the fact of little amoebas swimming around me. O_O

    • sparklegirlLT says:

      Good advice Moonstar! I used to be afraid of water too Nibbles. Now I love it. I could swim all day. :)

    • Opalflower says:

      Oh Nibbles i promise you no one will laugh at and if someone does everyone else will know they are just plain mean. plus i bet your freinds will help you. P.S. TimberWolf those are water Hippos.

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