Planning the ultimate sleepover

By Amanda Panda

I keep thinking about what kind of party to throw. One of my favorite types of parties is definitely a sleepover.

I could create a fun invitation in the shape of a sleeping bag to let my friends know about the party. I’d be sure to tell them to bring pillows and sleeping bags.

If I went to the dollar store, I’m sure I could get flashlights for each guest and maybe pick up some glow sticks while I’m there.

We’ll need a large space where we can spread out our sleeping bags on the floor. No sofas or beds – I don’t want any arguments over who sleeps where.

Homemade pizza makes a great choice for a sleepover, and afterward we can play some fun games.

I might also put out some books, playing cards and board games so that night owls have something to keep them busy (and quiet) when people start to fall asleep.

And of course, no slumber party is complete without a hearty breakfast to start the next day!

I think a slumber party might be just the thing. But I’ll have to sleep on it.

20 Responses to Planning the ultimate sleepover

  1. helper says:

    if someone is talking about u then u have to ask them why i was mean i would not like if my FRIEND TALKED ABOUT ME but it depends on what they are saying but i would not be friends with that person

  2. lexishaver says:

    I am having a sleepover on my birhtday. My dad said there is no room in my room for 4 people. I am having it out back with the tent and some s’mores! P.S. My username is lexishaver no caps.

  3. razab1 says:

    Wow, those are some great ideas for a sleepover!! i never know what to do when i have a sleepover i am always looking for fun stuff to do!!! Thankx, razab1( add me on webkinz)

  4. bigsister9419 says:

    i don’t really get to have real slumber parties. when i go somewhere, i usually just end up missing home and leaving. and when i have one at my house, i only get to invite one person. reply if you feel the same!

    Request me on webkinz if you can!

  5. merry505 says:

    i am so glad pj and the other girl are friends i hope i get invited.

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