Planning the ultimate sleepover

By Amanda Panda

I keep thinking about what kind of party to throw. One of my favorite types of parties is definitely a sleepover.

I could create a fun invitation in the shape of a sleeping bag to let my friends know about the party. I’d be sure to tell them to bring pillows and sleeping bags.

If I went to the dollar store, I’m sure I could get flashlights for each guest and maybe pick up some glow sticks while I’m there.

We’ll need a large space where we can spread out our sleeping bags on the floor. No sofas or beds – I don’t want any arguments over who sleeps where.

Homemade pizza makes a great choice for a sleepover, and afterward we can play some fun games.

I might also put out some books, playing cards and board games so that night owls have something to keep them busy (and quiet) when people start to fall asleep.

And of course, no slumber party is complete without a hearty breakfast to start the next day!

I think a slumber party might be just the thing. But I’ll have to sleep on it.

20 Responses to Planning the ultimate sleepover

  1. fireflynight says:

    When I told my 2 friends my bed was off limits they said that they would share the bed. So they did and left me on the floor. 1 of them is my neighbor and the only girl on my circle thats my age and she always get it her way. Thats why its always at my house. she always makes a mess and she does not help to pick up. when i have a sleepover at her house when i have 2 leave she calls my house and says i need to help pick up.

  2. Dalmation8787 says:

    Great Ideas!!!
    Peace out, America!!!111

  3. Ilovemypets8 says:

    Those are some good ideas. Sleepovers are fun.

  4. Insanity98 says:

    All of the sleep overs I’ve thrown have been a blast!!! We had sooooooo much fun!

  5. strawberrylove says:

    You should also watch a movie :)

  6. IceWolf* says:

    I’ve had a going-away-party/sleep over (I had a going away party because I switched schools), but NO ONE except one of my sister’s friend stayed. It was her friend’s B-Day the next day or two I think, and then my sis went to her house for a sleep over, and ALL the girls in her grade spent the night, including my sis. I’ve only spent the night at ONE of my ‘friend’s’ houses. She used to be my friend, but you know that summer camp thing I’ve been talking about, she also has to go to that, and so do some of her other friends, and they talk about ME personally. It hurts my feelings. How would they like it if I said that kind of stuff about them? It doesn’t only hurt shy people you know! But worst of all, I heard some of the things they said about me. Also, I was playing with my friend and that one ‘friend’ and her other friends called over to them, and she said she would be right back. I waited about 10 minutes, and she never came back. Now she is talking to them about me, and telling all my secrets that I told her to NEVER tell. Now almost NO ONE in my grade likes me. I’m VERY sad. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? ~IceWolf* = (
    P.S. Sorry I kinda went off topic about the sleepover stuff. = )

    • Addict502 says:

      I know how u feel! I’ve had people talk about me and tell my secrets behind my back too. Sometimes people don’t even bother talking about me behind my back, and just talk about me in front of me. It’s verry (very?) hurtful. Don’t worry, you sound like a nice person, and I’m sure you’ll make some good friends. Do you want to be my friend? I’m mattbomerrocks on WW. I hope things get better for you! -Addict502

    • fireflynight says:

      IceWolf, the same things happened to me. My “friends” always say they would be right back and they start hiding from me. I feel your pain. :*(

    • Cupcakeтакса says:

      @IceWolf Yeah, that’s happened to me too. Like, in 3rd grade, my two friends and I had this weird two-faced thing going on. (I’m disappointed to say that I was a part of it.) Like, I would be on the phone with my friend Christina, and we would gossip and laugh and generally bring down my friend Olivia. Then the next day, I would talk to Olivia, tell her everything Christina said, apologize, and then we would start gossiping, laughing and bringing Christina down!!! :O Then the next day I would talk to Christina. and the cycle would repeat!!! What I didn’t know was that Olivia and Christina had also been on the phone together talking about me. :/ Then Olivia spilled it. She repeated everything that was said about me… then that same day, Christina called and said exactly what Olivia said…. only slightly different… but whatever. They’ve both grown out of that now, but of course there’s some new girl who lies and cheats and thinks she’s great, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…. add me on webkinz- dachsundlover3000000 is my username. BTW, I’m still friends with both of the girls mentioned in this story, and some other people. But anyway… now I’m gonna tell about a refreshing sleepover experience…. some of the girls in the sleepover story are also from the previous story…. ENJOY! Okay, so I was turning ten, so my mom let me invite 5 girls from school for a sleepover… Christina, Olivia, Allie, Nia, and Krystal. It was a reallly fun sleepover! We played Cops and Robbers with a few new fwists such as perfume for pepper-spray and my kitchen for the Cop’s HQ. Once it got to be around 1 am, I went into the kitchen and found some candy, including some Warheads. I brought the bag into the living room (where we were stationed) and we all (except Nia who was asleep) popped one in our mouths. Christina hung back a little, and asked how they were. A couple of girls were laughing and choking, coughing out: “SOUR! SOURRRRR!” I was standing there with a blue one in my mouth, with a straight face. So I was challenged to a “straight face” contest. Christina popped one and BAM! TOO SOUR FOR HER! She spit it out onto the floor and it landed on Nia’s sleeping bag. Guess what Nia found when she woke up? ;)

  7. pinkstar* says:

    i am having a sleepover sunday and these are some awesome ideas! :lol:

  8. WebkinzWizard:) says:

    Sleep overs are very fun! They are a nice way to spend more time with your friends.
    Talking about home made pizza, my mom makes the best home made pizza! She even makes the crust and sauce. Of course, our next door neighbor can also make a great pizza pie. ;)
    Also, no slumber party is complete with out a good movie to watch with your friends while eating a bowl of popcorn. :)

    The *~WebkinzWizard~* :)

  9. puppy says:

    ok thay is some really good ideas because all sleepovers that i have every one goes…CRAZY!

    • Stardrop* says:

      The same happens to me. :oops:
      Some of my friends can get a little hyper, (Okay, really hyper some times) especially after cake or candy! One night we even stayed up all night long! It was fun trying to see if we all could make it with out falling asleep, but the day time was horrible. I was really tired so I went to bed early. :)

  10. blah5 says:

    I think that’s a great idea! When sleep overs are like that for me they are always awesome!

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