School Council Minutes



In Attendance: Stoogles, Salley, Purr-Cilla

Minutes taken by: Stoogles

It was decided by the council that the fall fair planning would proceed, keeping the budget of 500 KinzCash in mind. Salley suggested asking Ms. Cowoline for an extra 50 KinzCash to get three rides instead of two. Purr-Cilla agreed to this.

Salley also suggested making the games ourselves. We agreed to try, however Purr-Cilla said that she thinks it’s ridiculous that we’re not just asking our parents to buy them for us. She said her dad would totally get them for her. Salley and I chose to ignore these comments.

Salley suggested having a competition or contest of some sort. I suggested cupcakes- who doesn’t love those? Purr-Cilla wanted to do a fashion show, but Salley voted with me. Cupcakes it is!

Purr-Cilla asked me to add “Your idea is childish.” Duly noted.

We’re pretty excited to tell everyone about the new fair plan – as soon as Ms. Cowoline approves it.

Addendum: the fair has been approved for November 19! Ms. Cowoline gave us the extra 50 KinzCash and she’s holding an assembly to tell everyone this afternoon! Yay!

14 Responses to School Council Minutes

  1. bernald says:

    This sounds really cool! Does anyone know if we can go to it?

  2. Rosy : ) says:

    That sounds like a great idea,but I would have liked a fashion show more, : )

  3. PrincessLunaIsDaBomb says:

    November 19? Will we be able to go?

  4. snuggles56100 says:

    ”Duly noted” whats that supposed to mean? is in it supposed to be dearly noted I dont know?

  5. gymdog says:

    but i do think you should buy them and not MAKE the big rides.

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