The Ultimate Birthday Cake


Want to make your friend the *coolest* birthday cake ever? Here’s how!

What you need:

Cake (chocolate or vanilla – whatever you like)
Candies in all shapes and sizes

What you do:

1.       Frost the cake with the icing.

2.       Put the candies into little bowls.

3.       When your friends arrive, have everyone decorate part of the cake.

4.       Eat up and enjoy!

24 Responses to The Ultimate Birthday Cake

  1. liz says:

    hi webkinz!!!!!

  2. puggles says:

    cool idea!!!! my b-day is in october so that sounds like a great idea : – )

  3. claire6land says:

    Huh… Odd…
    It says it was posted on the 25th of this month but people have commented on the 20th.

  4. TOMBOY says:


  5. Brave4ever says:

    Or give everyone their own cupcake to decorate! That sounds awesome too….

  6. KinzDragon says:

    Hey Mudstar,

    My birthday is in March it might rain so we have the party inside, I like you logic! lol

    Yours Always,

  7. pinkstar* says:

    this is so neat! i will try it! :smile:

  8. Insanity98 says:

    What no picture? But, that sounds super simple and fun! YUM!

  9. psalm11911 says:

    Oh, that’s neat! Add me!
    My username is: psalm11911

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