Tour of Webkinz World: The Clubhouse






By Sparky Fact

I’m going to tell you all about the Clubhouse – it’s a great place to visit, and my friends and I go there all the time. We especially like the Trading Room!


Why it’s AWESOME:
The Clubhouse has always been a terrific place to visit. Webkinz from far and wide get to choose which side they’d like to go into, and they get to choose which room they’d like to see. There are always lots of different rooms to check out. Historically, the Trading Room has been very popular. You can go there and trade items with other Webkinz.


The Deets:

Let me tell you all about different rooms in the Clubhouse! We’ll look at my five favorite.

  1. The Restaurant Room: I love visiting this room. It’s so much fun to pretend you’re at a restaurant! I like being the waiter and pretending to bring diners food. It’s awesome!
  2. The Games Room: Everyone knows I’m a HUGE fan of games, so this is one of my very favorite rooms to visit. I love playing pool – and I’m actually getting better at it!
  3. Bowling Alley: This is a great place to meet up with friends. The ‘Kinz and I love bowling! I’ve played so many games here. And I’ve even won once or twice!
  4. Collector Room: Since I want to be an archaeologist like my Uncle Arte, I’ve spent a lot of time in this room. There are artifacts from all over – I just LOVE it here!
  5. Finally, my favorite room: The Trading Room! I’ve made some terrific trades here. I especially like getting rare items, so this is the perfect place for me!


47 Responses to Tour of Webkinz World: The Clubhouse

  1. Springthepoodle1 says:

    I like that tour! I used to go to kinzchat plus everyday! ~Springthepoodle1

  2. bunnyluv says:


  3. Webkinz Girl~ says:

    Didn’t Nibble already do one for the Adoption Center?

    Webkinz Girl~

  4. Random says:

    My fav room is the Games Room.
    Random: Remembrance Day’s comin’ up.
    Random2: Im not ‘llowed on KinzChat +! Waah!!! KinzChat+ sounds awesome!

  5. person + monster = this says:

    my fav room is the restaurant room.

  6. pinky says:

    i’ve never heard of the collector’s room before. is it new? am i behind? if anyone’s reading this, please fill me in!

  7. Gabriella♥ says:

    I like the Bowling Alley the best, because I love bowling.

  8. uber fantasia says:

    the clubhouse is uberrockin’!
    the games room is uberrockin’!
    the collector’s room is uberrockin’!
    the trading room is uberrockin’!
    the bowling alley is uberrockin’!
    the restaurant room is uberboring…

  9. me says:

    my fav room in the clubhouse is the games room. i love games!

  10. CinderellaCleaners says:

    Is it just me, or are the pictures not showing on my computer. It only showed about 1/4 of Dr. Quack’s Clinic, and it’s the same with the Clubhouse.

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