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By Roberta Rabbit

My report is on Dr. Quack’s clinic. I love going to Dr. Quack’s clinic. He is always so kind and gentle. When I called to ask him if he would show me around and tell me about the clinic, he invited me in for a guided tour. Here is what I learned from my visit to Dr. Quack’s.

History of Dr. Quack’s clinic

When Dr. Quack first graduated from medical school, he was looking for a nice little town where he could set up a new practice to help take care of sick pets. He was reading a copy of the Kinzville Times and saw a letter to the editor about how difficult it was to find a doctor in the area and how pets were having to travel to the Big City in order to get medical care. Dr. Quack knew he had found his home.

Once he decided to settle here, Dr. Quack started looking for the perfect place to set up office. He first looked in downtown Kinzville near the W Shop but he found it very busy and he was worried about his patients being able to find parking spots. Then he discovered an old building near the Webkinz Stadium but one short visit was all he needed to realize that the Stadium would make one very noisy neighbor.

Dr. Quack was starting to get discouraged when on his way out of town he passed by the KinzPost Office. Next door to the KinzPost Office was an old abandoned building and right next to that, a cute little building with a sign that read ‘FOR RENT’ in the window. The area was quiet and clean and close to the neighborhood where new families were settling in. Dr. Quack knew he’d found his new practice.

About the Clinic

Dr. Quack’s Clinic takes up the first floor of a building in the east end of Kinzville, on a quiet street by the Post Office and the Adoption Center. When you enter the Clinic you get to sit in Dr. Quack’s waiting area. I really like the waiting area because it has big comfy couches and a station where I can help myself to a drink while I am waiting. It even has small table some toys for little kids to play with while they wait.

When I was younger, I had to stand in front of the eye chart by Dr. Quack’s desk and put a paw over one eye and read the eye chart. And then I did it with the other eye and Dr. Quack told me that I needed to get glasses. I can remember how kind he was when he helped me pick out my first pair of glasses and he told me that he got his glasses when he was about my age.

Each exam area has storage for medical supplies and a sink. Dr. Quack told me that hygiene is really important when you’re taking care of people. He has a file for each patient so that he can keep track of their medical conditions and the medications they have taken. There is a bed where patients can lie down when Dr. Quack needs to examine them. He even has a separate area for examining little kids. There are lots of toys for them to play with so they won’t be scared. 

I think that’s why everybody likes coming to Dr. Quack. Because he makes everybody feel comfortable and helps them to realize that a visit to the doctor is nothing to worry about.

My very favorite thing about visiting Dr. Quack though – is the jar of lollipops on his desk!

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  1. Jinx57 says:

    Okay, am i the only one who thinks it’s weird that he has COOKING appliances in his exam room area? it’s odd, i say.

  2. The Webkinz Pianist says:

    Nice room! :) The only thing I totally do not like about going to the doctor is when you have to get a shot. :(

  3. emant100 says:

    I don’t know why, but all the tour of Kinzville pictures don’t show up on my computer. There’s only a little strip of the picture at the top, but that’s it. I wish I could see more. :(

  4. Cinderpelt says:

    How cool!!! Haha, the jar of lollipops! :D I would like to have that room too!


  5. Sarah says:

    How do you get dr. Quacks bed?

  6. kajsss9 says:

    i would love to have that

  7. Awesome Room Designer says:

    I love this room!!! I’m going to do this in my room, definitely!

  8. KinzDragon says:

    Hye people! it’s KindzDragon! ok…. anyway’s, this is an epic room! XD
    -KinzDragon♪ ♫

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