Tour of Webkinz World: La Soufflé and Le Snout











By Cowabelle Cowoline


Whenever there’s an important occasion in my life, my mom and I go to celebrate by having dinner at Le Snout and dessert at La Soufflé. These wonderful eateries are run by two fabulous chefs, Chef Gazpacho and Chef Sophia. I was lucky enough to sit down with them and ask them about their restaurants!

CC: Thanks so much for agreeing to speak with me! It means a lot.

CG: No problem!

CS: Glad to help.

CC: First, I wanted to ask both of you: when did you know you wanted to be chefs?

CG: For me, it was when I was a little piglet. I would help my mom out in the kitchen. I LOVED it! My mom always encouraged me to cook – especially when I got good at it! She thought it was great that she’d come home from work and I’d have dinner on the table. Some recipes were a bit more…interesting…than others, but she always thanked me for my effort!

CS: My story is a bit different. When I was little, I thought I might be a biologist when I grew up. As the years passed, though, I found myself cooking more and more – and enjoying it more than anything else. Biology is an interest of mine, but cooking is my passion. When the time came to get a higher education, I knew I had to be a chef.

CC: You two knew each other back in cooking school, right?

CS: Oh, yes. I knew Chef Gazpacho. I actually followed his career after we graduated. He always seemed to be lucky in business.

CG: Working as Fluffington’s personal chef was my first real job, so that was pretty amazing. I did get a little bit lucky. Fluffington gave me a loan to start Le Snout.

CC: It wasn’t so easy for you, though, was it Chef Sophia?

CS: Definitely not. I worked for other Webkinz, in lots of different restaurants. I learned a lot along the way, and I saved up as much as I could. My dream was to open a restaurant of my own. When I found a place here in Kinzville, I knew it was perfect.

CC: Except that Chef Gazpacho was right next door.

CS: Well, yes.

CG: But we worked it out!

CS: It took some time and thinking, but we realized that both of us have specialties – Chef Gazpacho is wonderful at main courses. And I, of course, am the queen of desserts.

CG: No argument there.

CC: What’s the hardest part about running a restaurant?

CG: Being innovative. Everyone always wants something new, while also wanting you to keep the old standbys on the menu. It’s not easy.

CS: I’d tend to agree with that. But it’s also one of the most enjoyable parts – it’s challenging to come up with something delicious and new.

CC: Would the two of you ever go into business together?

CG: I think we value our friendship too much.

CS: We work best when we have our own places. But I AM very glad we’re right next door.

CC: One last question: Chef Gazpacho, what’s the best dessert Chef Sophia makes, and Chef Sophia, what’s the best dish Chef Gazpacho makes?

CG: Her chocolate fudge cake is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

CS: His ophidian callaloo is the most exquisite soup you’ll ever taste.

CC: Thanks to both of you!

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  1. Monique says:

    I did not try to make a room like those.
    They look awesome…

  2. ppopl and 7s7k77e7s says:

    These are very elegant rooms! I think i will try to make this amzing room! :) : )
    ~~~~ ppopl and 7s7k77e7s

  3. lilsoccergirl01 says:

    I love those pics!!!!! :)


    Wouldn’t it be cool if they made it so we could make the room ourselves and send them a picture so they could pick the best one to post on here? I think it would. That would be fun.


  5. MDIChickadee says:

    Thank you, Cowabelle, for this report. I *LOVE* to cook!

  6. SapphireSea says:

    Nice! But personally, I think recipes for webkinz world sound like the would be disgusting in reality. At least the craft ones here on webkinznewz sound NORMAL, and a lot sound good. I tried the marshmallows that were dipped in melted chocolate and then in sprinkles, they were delicious. Actually, my mom made them with mint marshmallows and a mixture of regular and mint sprinkles. This is a recipe I recommend, but I have a warning, too; they are a little messy, so best wait till the chocolate hardens, and eat them somewhere it is easier to pick up dropped sprinkles, or at least catch the sprinkles in your free hand (this way you can eat the sprinkles). They are delicious, though. ;)

  7. kinzking says:

    where is it located and how do you get it? they both sound like really good places.

  8. Gabriella♥ says:

    That’s nice of you chefs to work together, like that.

  9. pinky says:

    why restaurant? my mouth is starting to water!!!

  10. me says:

    mmmm…. sounds good!

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