Learn how to Draw a Basset Hound!

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  1. bigco says:

    My sister has a lil’ Kinz and a big Kinz of the basset hound. She named the little one Flower and the big one Poochie.
    I wish they weren’t retired!

  2. Cinderpelt says:

    Oh my gawsh! That is pretty darn cute. ;) I like all dogs (well MOST dogs…) and I think this one is cute. I’m probably not going to get one… But thanks anyways, Ganz! :D Haha.


    • DreamsComeTrue says:

      Very nice…
      I will admit, though, that its ears are a little strange looking…or is that the way it’s supposed 2 be?
      Can you do the spotted sea turtle next? We have hundreds of those cute things in my area…
      :) DreamsComeTrue :)
      P.S. Like my new sig?

  3. unet101 says:

    I don’t know why but the basset hound is kinda not cute to me… I don’t know it just has something to do with its face and expression. (It’s kinda funny though because I actually have one! LOL.)

    p.s. I mean no offence to anyone who likes this pet.

  4. LemonCandy etc. says:

    Aww ! so adorable i wish i had the basset hound (is that what it is?? never mind it says so above!) i should get this pet in the future! i just got home from gymnastics practice… I had a great time!

  5. snuggles56100 says:


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