Tour of Webkinz World: The Wish Factory









By Polly Panda

My sister, Amanda, works at the coolest place in Kinzville – the Wish Factory! The Wish Factory has this amazing machine. Amanda stocks the machine with totally awesome, exclusive items from Webkinz World and when you save up enough Wish Tokens, you can put your tokens in the machine and it will give you whichever prize you wish for. How cool is that?

The Wish Machine was designed by Goober. There were these super cool collectible coins that pets would get by doing certain activities in Webkinz World. Even though they were really cool coins and everyone loved winning them, Goober thought that it might be kind of neat to actually use them for something. So he got to work in his lab and created this absolutely wild machine!

Around the time that Goober invented the machine, my sister, Amanda, was looking for a job. Her friend, PJ Collie had just started work at the KinzStyle Outlet and Ella McWoof was working as a reporter so Amanda went to Tabby Von Meow to try and find a part time job. Tabby knew that Goober wanted to get back into the lab, and running the Wish Factory was taking up too much of his time – it was starting to get really popular. So Tabby got Goober and Amanda together for a meeting and Goober agreed that Amanda would be perfect for Wish Factory.

Amanda just loves helping pets make their wishes come true. She says nothing is better that seeing the joy on someone’s face when they finally get to make their Wish.

And what’s even cooler is that Goober came back a while after he invented the Wish Machine and showed Amanda this neat crystal ball. Every day one pet can have their wish come true just by clicking on the crystal ball. It’s called the Wish of the Day. I go into the Wish Factory every single day to try my luck at it. I haven’t won yet, but I know that if I keep going, maybe one day I can win the Wish of the Day.

I know that Goober would say it’s simply science, but I think the Wish Factory is pure magic!

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  1. Babymnm says:

    I’m Saving Up My Wish Tokens! I Already Have 67 Tokens! Not Kidding! I’m Just Gonna Keep Saving Up! One Time I Got The Super Token! It Tranformed Into Two Tokens! I Love The Prizes But Sometimes I Wish Some Of The Prizes Would Do Something Or Maybe Even Get “Better” Prizes! But, Don’t Get Me Wrong! I Love The Wish Factory And Amanda Panda Is Actually My Favorite Webkinz Mascot! Best Wishes, ♥Babymnm♥

  2. ppopl and 7s7k77e7s :) says:

    The room looks like a Webkinz Wishers dream! I LOVE THE ROOM(!) Except, it is just a little to crowded! :) ;)

  3. chihuahualover says:

    Oh my goodness! I love the wish factory! where do you get the faces? Please tell me!!! add me!! my user is sarz6

  4. david4006 says:

    i have only done one wish

  5. 129lilly says:

    The wish factory is so cool. They have everything awesome.

  6. buttercotch says:

    I love the wish factory!!!I haven’t won yet but I’ll keep trying!!!! My username is Kittycat01101. I would .love to have you on my friends list!!! I hope you add me!!

  7. eas1004 says:

    Some of this stuff is exclusive… some is eStore… But some I’ve never seen before! New releases? :OO

  8. mangomonster says:

    Cool i like the wish factory!

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