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By Polly Panda

My sister, Amanda, works at the coolest place in Kinzville – the Wish Factory! The Wish Factory has this amazing machine. Amanda stocks the machine with totally awesome, exclusive items from Webkinz World and when you save up enough Wish Tokens, you can put your tokens in the machine and it will give you whichever prize you wish for. How cool is that?

The Wish Machine was designed by Goober. There were these super cool collectible coins that pets would get by doing certain activities in Webkinz World. Even though they were really cool coins and everyone loved winning them, Goober thought that it might be kind of neat to actually use them for something. So he got to work in his lab and created this absolutely wild machine!

Around the time that Goober invented the machine, my sister, Amanda, was looking for a job. Her friend, PJ Collie had just started work at the KinzStyle Outlet and Ella McWoof was working as a reporter so Amanda went to Tabby Von Meow to try and find a part time job. Tabby knew that Goober wanted to get back into the lab, and running the Wish Factory was taking up too much of his time – it was starting to get really popular. So Tabby got Goober and Amanda together for a meeting and Goober agreed that Amanda would be perfect for Wish Factory.

Amanda just loves helping pets make their wishes come true. She says nothing is better that seeing the joy on someone’s face when they finally get to make their Wish.

And what’s even cooler is that Goober came back a while after he invented the Wish Machine and showed Amanda this neat crystal ball. Every day one pet can have their wish come true just by clicking on the crystal ball. It’s called the Wish of the Day. I go into the Wish Factory every single day to try my luck at it. I haven’t won yet, but I know that if I keep going, maybe one day I can win the Wish of the Day.

I know that Goober would say it’s simply science, but I think the Wish Factory is pure magic!

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  1. Rosy:) says:

    I love the Wish Machine!I haven’t got anything yet,but I’m sure to get something soon.I hope everyone’s wishes come true!Bye! : )

  2. Random456 says:

    I love the Wish Factory, but I only do the Wish of the Day. I have about 50-something tokens for when I see something I REALLY want.

    Random — I think there should be more cookbooks, because at least one hundred new recipies have been added since the last cookbook.

  3. richgold says:

    I am saving up my tokens. I have like 40+ tokens due to the wish tokens and the wacky logout page. But I have never seen half the stuff in the picture above: like the pink window and the bunny and the big cup.

  4. rainbowicicles says:

    I never knew about the Wish of the Day. That is so cool! I’m going to the Wish Factory everyday now.

  5. ultrasonic says:

    I just love the Wish Factory. I haven’t won the Wish of the Day (and probably never will win it), but I’ve got 22 Wish Tokens right now. I’m trying to save my tokens until I have enough to get every exclusive in the Wish Factory (I’ll probably be done next year :lol: )

  6. Quackall42 says:

    The Wish Factory IS Great geogal. And I Totally Agree. For Atleast A Week It Was Stuck On “Pur With Princess wished for the Giant Gift Box” Grrrr!!!

    • PrincessLunaIsDaBomb says:

      I know right! If “Pur with Princess” did win all those boxes, he/she would probably be happy though.
      The fun has been doubled,

  7. Dawnstar says:

    I haven’t won the Wish of the Day, either. Then again, I’ve been kept busy with a huge geography report and a book report. I haven’t even had time to log in. -*Dawnstar*

  8. geogal says:

    Thw Wish Factory is great. I wish it was always awarding woshes though, sometimes it seems “stuck” on the same pet getting the prize for a week or more.

  9. starburst says:

    awesome! i luv amanda!!!!!!! :lol:
    starburst :mrgreen:

  10. Hannah says:

    I love the wish factory!!!

    • StarFire says:

      The wish factory is my favorite place! :mrgreen:

      • WebkinzWizard :) says:

        The Wish factory is a really neat place. Hope I win the wish of the day at some point.

        The *~Webkinz Wizard~* :)

        • Moonstar says:

          Oh my goodness, my Fennec Fox code is here. . . I am also going to buy 2 Mazin’ Hamsters. . . -Moonstar◙◙◙

          • sparklegirlLT says:

            I like the Fennec Fox a lot, but I like the Moon Fox better. I ♥ the Wish Factory!!!! I wish that you could acually get all those cool things there.

          • Moonstar says:

            Yah, when they put the Moon Fox for sale, I will name it Moonstar. But I got the Fennec Fox from that promotion of buy 50,000 points and get a free Fennec Fox. -Moonstar◙◙◙

          • Kodiak...and by the way says:

            …How many of those things in the picture aren’t exclusive, but e-store? I think the best exclusive item they could make would be a bass guitar

          • lillyluvie says:

            This wish factory is so awesome! :D Good job on the room everyone.

            And yes, there are Estore items in the picture. But it does look cool. ;)

            *Luv from LillyLuvie*

          • DESCOLE RULES! says:

            You are like super webkinz girl, Moonstar, I SWEAR. geezlawheeze how do you get so many points?! I just save mine for a rainy day…. especially one of those sad, sad days when you realized you finished the second to last prof. Layton game….*WAILS* *SOBS* *WAILS* these are not tears of joy ppl *WAILS* *SOBS* *WAILS*

            DESCOLE RULES!

          • PikachuHazelNut says:

            Um, why are they doing these when we know what they are? BTW what does Descole mean? and my family loves Prof. Layton too! The new one came out at a local gamestop.

          • dogfish says:

            Moonstar, how did you get your Fennec Fox code? The promotion goes until the 27th and they don’t send codes out until the next day. Did anyone else get the code early?

          • Moonstar says:

            No, the ”Get a Free Fennec Fox With Every Purchase of 50,000 eStore Points” ended yesterday. I got 50,000 eStore points and got the code today. -Moonstar◙◙◙

          • dewdrop says:

            I wish everyone was able to get the code :( congratulations WibkinzWizard and all to who got the code :)

        • krystalkat says:

          I didnt know thats how the wish factory ooked like. Its so……imaginative! :mrgreen:


          • HorseAngel119 says:

            I’m back! Sorry i’ve been really busy so i have not been commenting. But any way this is so cool i just love the wish factory! (even if the prices HAVE gone up)

          • Answers says:

            I don’t think the prices of old items have gone up. The newer ones are a lot more expensive, though. :-(


          • Answers says:

            Yeah, I guess. I would of arranged it a little differently though. And used less eStore items and more actual exclusives.


        • Crazy gal/unknown says:

          I love the wish factory! it’s not my favorite place, though. Amanda Panda is my favorite character, though.

          Crazy gal :mrgreen:

      • Moonstar says:

        Hey guys! I got a new Zircon Puppy named Katrine and a Sagittarius Buck named Aspen. I will be getting a Fennec Fox and will name it Sahara. -Moonstar◙◙◙

        • harrypotterrocks says:

          I LOVE the wish factory . . .


          • sparklegirlLT says:

            That’s so awesome that you can use the estore Moonstar. I got my Moon Fox online and that’s like the only thing I can get that doesn’t have an acual item like a plush.

          • sarahandlacey says:

            Kodiak, I agree it’s more like the e-store. That’s cool moonstar. I got the e-store autumn owl.

          • Answers says:

            Me too!

        • krystalkat says:

          Im getting a garnet pup and marshmallow chipmunk. Congrats on yours! ;)


          • sparklegirlLT says:

            Nice! If I ever got one of the birthstone pets I would get the aquamarine puppy.

          • LemonCandy etc. says:

            I don’t have eStore or deluxe…..But if i did and i got one of the birthstone pets then i would get the sapphire pup or the opal pup! and i would name them sapphire and opal!! :lol: awesome poem DDRGirl!!! or is it not a poem?? well it’s was awesome!

      • Queen of Collectors says:

        Love the wish factory, but the Curio Shop is my home
        -Thoughts from the Amazing Mind of Me

      • scarlett fire says:


    • Rainbow Dash says:

      Wow! That’s not what I expected to be the wish factory!
      ~20% cooler,

      • sarahandlacey says:

        I know how you feel about tom. I got snowy and fierball (Both are cats) . They were both white.

      • Why? says:

        Hey Rainbow Dash, why do you always say that everything is 20% cooler. Just asking.

        • DDRGirl says:

          *Whaaa* I want the aquamarine puppy because not only is it cute, but-it’s my birthstone! :,( I can’t afford and neither can anyone at my home! :( I love it like the Love puppy.

          By the way, tell me what you think of it! :)

          Aqua puppy
          Your as beautiful as the seas,
          You have the word aqua and
          Marine. Your as beautiful as the
          gem it’s self, but worth more in
          my heart.

          Aquamarine puppy, when will
          you join my pets? I always miss
          you each year. Please be here next
          year so I can buy you. :)

    • avery says:

      ya me too hannah

    • Tumble says:

      The Wish Factory looks cluttered, don’t you think?

    • PeaceGirl5 says:

      Me too!!!!! da wish fatory is kool
      :) :) :) :) :)

      0 >~

    • Smartfeathers says:

      But I thought that in all the stories (in webkinz) that Amanda found the Wish MAchine in a faraway and mysterious island!

      OK everyone, sorry for saying this, but I’m so excited! I made the spelling bee. It’s kinda hard to get into ’cause there’s only one person going per class. Yah! Congratulations to everyone who made a triumph this week, too!

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