Add some Puppy Love to your room design!

February Special: Puppy Love ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Find something you’re sure to adore inside every marvelous Puppy Love ?? Box! It’s a great way to get decorating!


Your pet will feel so comfy and cozy snuggling up under the watchful eye of this great green guardian! They’re sure to have some sweet dreams when they snooze on the Puppy Love Bed!


A comfy chair is a great place to rest and read a book! The Puppy Love Armchair is such a snuggly spot to sit!


The soft green fibers of the Puppy Love Rug make it a terrific place for your pet’s paws to tread! It’s one adorable accent!


This floppy-eared hamper is a hilarious way to keep things nice and tidy! Just open up the Puppy Love Hamper to store away all that dirty laundry!!


Open up the cute Puppy Love Window and your pet can play peek-a-boo with the world right outside their window! It’s a great way to brighten up their day!


The sweet Puppy Love Sofa is a great gathering spot for an enamored pair of pets! It’s the cutest cushioned couch you’ve ever seen!


You may find the Puppy Love ?? Box and other February Specials at eStore starting February 1, 2021!



15 Responses to Add some Puppy Love to your room design!

  1. pwincesspup says:

    omg soo exciting!!

  2. elliefant113 says:

    when can we buy the bed? keep getting everything but.

  3. JetKinz says:

    anyone want to trade a Puppy Love Couch for a Puppy Love Bed? I’ve got 2 couches and no bed!

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