Build-A-Haunted-Castle is BACK!

Halloween is around the corner and you know what that means… time to Build A Haunted Castle!


You never know who could be lurking about so guard your haunted castle with scary Base, Top and Corner Walls! Defy frightful opponents with ghoulish Siege Towers! And for extra defense you can expand your castle with Towers and Slides.



Special Offer:



You may find Build-A-Haunted-Castle pieces and so much more at eStore!


5 Responses to Build-A-Haunted-Castle is BACK!

  1. jazzy76 says:

    happy halloween

  2. elliefant113 says:

    yeah can’t get anything with kinzcash.

  3. Cinderrocks says:

    AWESOME ITEMS! I wish I could get them….

  4. ringneck1 says:

    Yay…more estore promotions. >.< It'd be nice if some cool stuff could be bought for kinzcash – even if only for a few days…

  5. redsox7234 says:

    wish these pieces were note store

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