Movie Showcase – Decorate with Me: Fall Fair!

LovelyKittyKinz has started a new series of videos called “Decorate with Me” — and the first episode is creating a Fall Fair!


What kind of room would you like to see next? Reply in the comments below, or make your own KinzTube video and send it to! Subscribe to our Webkinz YouTube Channel:


9 Responses to Movie Showcase – Decorate with Me: Fall Fair!

  1. lexieorrell says:

    Hi lovelykittykinz , when you sent in your video did they email you and tell you they were going to post your video? Or did you just see it one day on Webkinz newz? Thank you!!

  2. julieperkins says:

    What an very adorable room, wtg!

  3. Scorpio says:

    Very good, I wish the rooms were a bit bigger for there is so much you want to put into a theme. You did great lovelykittykinz in moving the items around to fit into your room. Well done

  4. Beckinz8 says:

    Great job @LovelyKittyKinz! I have so many awesome fall pieces just sitting in my dock. Your video was instructional and motivational, and encouraged me, (and will probably encourage a lot of players!) to just do it! I’ll start with an empty room, and just start moving around the key pieces until I’m happy with the layout. I really like how your fall fair turned out, and I would definitely visit if it was a real place! Maybe for your next video, you could design a room with past collection event prizes. (I seem to have a lot of them sitting in my dock, waiting for inspiration!) ;)

    • TropicalGirl says:

      Beckinz8, I am right there with you! I love your idea of creating a video with past collection event prizes, so I second that, LovelyKittyKinz, and thank you for a great video!

  5. GreenSecret says:

    Great job. I am glad to see that I am not the only one that places and moves items all over the room until I find that right spot, Thanks for sharing.

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