Missed the Chocolate Marshmallow Seeds? eStore has more!

you missed receiving free Chocolate Marshmallow Seeds for Sophie’s Customer Appreciation Day (August 18, 2021) or just want more of them, check out Ganz eStore or Webkinz W Shop for¬†Chocolate Marshmallow Seeds¬†available for purchase.



You may find this item and more at eStore and Webkinz W Shop!


3 Responses to Missed the Chocolate Marshmallow Seeds? eStore has more!

  1. Beckinz8 says:

    It’s funny. I know that there is no such thing, but I can’t help but picture marshmallows growing on a tall leafy plant with wide-petaled flowers. When we went on a school tour through the local woods, the guide explained that the flowers growing at the water’s edge were an invasive species called ‘marsh mallows’ (I think that they are in the hollyhock family), and now that image has gotten stuck in my head. I think all the kids perked up and took notice and started to think about how to get across the stream to take a taste. (Don’t! I am sure they are inedible, but I’m also sure that we were all thinking it!) LOL!

  2. mamasbaby07 says:

    Whoo hoo Thank you so much !!!!

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