Webkinz Classic Wheel Prizes Updated


We have updated our prize wheels! Here’s a look at what you can win:


Available on the Wheel of WOW until September 21, 2021:



Available on the Wheel of WOW (mobile) until September 21, 2021:



Available on the Wheel of Deluxe until September 21, 2021:



Available on the Vacation Island Wheel until September 21, 2021:



What did you win? Let us know in the comment section below…


31 Responses to Webkinz Classic Wheel Prizes Updated

  1. missims100 says:

    I finally got the gown I had the cap since I graduated high school in 2018 and now I finally have the gown .

  2. gingerdare says:

    Hey @LovesStaffordshires! I saw your earlier comment, but I guess you never saw mine. I have the P.E. shoes if you want still want them. My username is gingerdare. I’d be more than happy to send them to you!

  3. hawk67 says:

    I have hundreds of thousands of KC in all 7 of my accounts but that has nothing to do with the prizes on the wheels this month. I just don’t think that paying for Deluxe and getting prizes I have seen for years or can buy since it is the newest theme released seems right.

  4. bobme248 says:

    I’m hoping the pilgrim outfits make a reappearance this fall – on one of the wheels would be fantastic.

  5. Elizabeh says:

    I for one am very grateful for everything at which we have a chance. Many players are new and many players have to leave webkinz for a time then pick it up again. There are also players, like myself, who for one reason or another , cannot get deluxe,and are so glad that we get a taste of items once in a while that we cannot get most of the time. There are so many , many things to enjoy in our webkinz community, and so many friends to share with. I have been a player through my childrens’ childhoods, and have stayed with webkinz since they have grown and have children of their own. I am blessed to know that there are so many wonderful people out there, even tho I shall never meet them personally. ( sigh – no more road trips – hint hint ) Thank you webkinz team for your hard work and excellent alternate world to relax in.

    • rach1794 says:

      I so agree. I too have kept my children’s accounts active. I never mind duplicates and as a Deluxe player I don’t begrudge non-Deluxe for getting a chance to get Deluxe items. Although I realize, especially at the start, that items bought at the Estore couldn’t be traded (perhaps because they feared parents wouldn’t want to spend money on items and then have them traded away by their children) I wish that Ganz would lift that restriction or allow us to choose that option in settings.

    • masmirf says:

      What a sweet post! Your story is similar to mine. I stated with my grandkids. You sound like such a kind, sweet person. I would be honored to be one of your friends on webkinz!

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