NEW Carnival Fun Special Bundle!

Time to build a FUN CARNIVAL room!


Packed with all kinds of eStore and Webkinz items, this Carnival Fun Bundle has everything needed to create an awesome carnival room for your Pet!




The Carnival Fun Bundle contains all these fabulous items:

Wondrous Waterslide


Fresh Cut Fries Stand

Magic W Fireworks Display

Dizzy Roundabout (Tradeable)

Funnel Cake Stand

Carnival Fun Slide

Flagstone Path Tile

Fir Tree

Carnival Strength Tester

Balloon Blower

Visit Ganz eStore July 27th – Aug 9th, 2015 for more details on this bundle.


You may find this bundle and more at Ganz eStore!


4 Responses to NEW Carnival Fun Special Bundle!

  1. Ellen1970 says:

    wow pricey, 28,500 e-points

  2. Racoon6000 says:

    This pack looks super cool- just have to wonder if all the items work. Also, has anyone had issues with Kinz Chat Plus? I can’t talk/trade, depending on the day. I really like the deluxe specials in the W shop this month. I bought Celestial Walls and the Moon Drop ride. The Celestial walls go really well with the purple camping prizes from this and last month’s collection. The estore has so much cool stuff. Too bad most of the items don’t exist in Real Life.

  3. fluff54 says:

    I have the Balloon Blower. It’s a PSI. I’m willing to trade for a super bed pack, but I will also THROW IN A RARE, and VALUED ITEMS, and you will still get the bubble blower!!! I’m MLZ2004, and I’m with MrGoogle in the trading room!

  4. bellesdiamond says:

    Wow. Nice pack! :D This has some pretty cool items in it!!

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