New to Ganz eStore! CANDY PUP PLUSH PET

You are certain to grow sweet on the cutie pie Candy Pup! This adorable dog enjoys relaxing with a little privacy inside their very own Candy Pup Tent! At snack time, make sure you satisfy their sweet tooth with a little nibble on some chewy Gummy Bones!


You may find this Plush Pet and more at eStore!




35 Responses to New to Ganz eStore! CANDY PUP PLUSH PET

  1. Sunlight_kinz says:

    Hi webkinz! i noticed that you guys have been selling signatures on the estore too! and i have a money making suggestion for you, 1: ship to canada, lots of customers there too you know! and 2: you should consider selling some rare signatures on the estore for a limited time, things like timber wolf, australian shepherd, cheetah, husky, etc you would make TONS of money! especially if you sold them for somewhere from 50-75$

  2. teamsweet2013 says:

    I already have this pet from last Christmas… I named her Alicia (Alice for short)

  3. Augustbaby2001 says:

    awww i want one!!!!

  4. CountryKinz17 says:

    I already have this pet her name is Smarty. She’s one of my favorite pet’s and I luv her so much! BTW you like the name I picked out for her? xD

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