New to Ganz eStore! ZOMBIE PUP PLUSH PET

Rawr! The Zombie Pup has awoken! Despite their ghoulish look, this puppy is a sweetie at heart. In fact, they love taking naps in their Cozy Coffin Bed! And when it’s time for some tasty dessert, they always reach for their Putrid Pudding first!


You may find this Plush Pet and more at eStore!




34 Responses to New to Ganz eStore! ZOMBIE PUP PLUSH PET

  1. joy2uall says:

    Rawr? More like ‘woof, whimper, woof,’ if you ask me. this little cutie wouldn’t ever roar at anyone. and u can get it at amazon . . . . :D

  2. CountryKinz17 says:

    This pet is spooky and adorable at the same time! xD

  3. trentward says:

    Oh I like the Zombie pup, though I agree it does look too green online. Thanks for our friends checking in on us, we at woogies2 have been dealing with a tragedy. My son’s best friend choked on a chicken nugget at lunch at school and has been in ICU for the past month, they removed life support a few days ago and he went to heaven soon thereafter. We haven’t been playing games much at our house lately so we missed all the cute things in September. More and more we are coming back around to playing though so you’ll see more of us. Take care webkinz friends.

  4. littleheartbigbark says:

    mommyschmoo, you can also get them off amazon, or sometimes eBay.

  5. Lisamarie580 says:


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