New to Ganz eStore! ZOMBIE PUP PLUSH PET

Rawr! The Zombie Pup has awoken! Despite their ghoulish look, this puppy is a sweetie at heart. In fact, they love taking naps in their Cozy Coffin Bed! And when it’s time for some tasty dessert, they always reach for their Putrid Pudding first!


You may find this Plush Pet and more at eStore!




34 Responses to New to Ganz eStore! ZOMBIE PUP PLUSH PET

  1. CrazyCatCrib says:

    i absolutely love his wonky eyes! :D thx, Ganz!

  2. mommyschmoo says:

    I want one! Where do I find one? My Hallmark is no longer getting new pets. :-(

  3. we1443a says:

    Gennel please reply I didn’t get my 5000 estore points when I got my membership for 1 year and I didn’t get my 3000 estore points for October or September please send me my estore points my user is – emhoov -

  4. ganzster1 says:

    I really like his coffin bed.

  5. littleheartbigbark says:

    LOVE HIM!!! You should make a plush for the zombie bloodhound next!!! LOVE the PSI, SO asking for him for my B-Day. (A day before Halloween!)

  6. cathouse2 says:

    I’m happy that Ganz has put more PLUSH pets in the estore.

  7. tinygma says:

    HE’s beautiful I have him wish I had 2. Mummy costume Zombie costume but I am missing the green face goo ;( I don’t have it. Skeleton the Green Goblin or troll costume its purple and green and Dracula. I just didn’t use the mask but these all work so GREAT !! I names my lil fella,” FRANK N PUPPY.”

  8. TheMamaDragon says:

    My daughter and I both got one, they’re so soft and cute!

  9. thelastunicorn4me says:

    I have been looking forward to when this is on sale!! I hope you have MORE Zombie Kinz.

  10. minigummybears says:

    Cool. :)

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