Sink into comfort with the classic Red Velvet room theme!









If you love Red Velvet,
then this room theme may be for you!










From charming couches, comfy classic chairs and lovely soft glowing lamps to gorgeous wallpaper and flooring, cute desks and desk chairs, this theme is perfect for any heart patterns fan!



Look for more Red Velvet room theme pieces coming to eStore throughout January and February!



43 Responses to Sink into comfort with the classic Red Velvet room theme!

  1. EEVSPEAK says:

    I wish that there would be a Valentine and/or Easter theme in the W-shop…

  2. gata says:

    I waz tolde bie the general sales manager that in U.S. Best Buy was going to sell point cardz, some time next month.I do’nt know if it’s $10 or$25 wunz or bothe.

  3. m1m1m1 says:

    i wish it wasn’t estore. it’s so cute!

  4. nanabunny55 says:

    Oh, I so want to have this room…. It’s so cute!

  5. zootzoot says:

    This is such a wonderful theme! I can’t wait for all the pieces to be released.

  6. moonryn34 says:

    It looks so cute!! I wish it wasn’t eStore, but at least I can try for it by saving up my deluxe points for the WW estore…

  7. shalta321 says:

    I absolutely love this theme…my favorite color is red and my birthday is in February too. I was wondering if you can buy “e-store points cards” anywhere in Canada? Also, how do you get to be Deluxe Advantage in the Ganz e-store, is it credit card only? I was thinking that by being a Deluxe Memeber in Webkinz World that I would be in the Ganz e-store too…:( anyone know? Thanx

    • webkinzworld says:

      Hi shalta321. Thanks for your question! Unfortunately eStore points cards are currently unavailable for purchase in Canada. To purchase a Deluxe account, you do need a credit card and the purchasing/main account will be the one with Deluxe access in the eStore. If you received a Deluxe account as a gift or as a bonus account and then created your own eStore account, your eStore account won’t show as Deluxe.

  8. SmoresOfScotland says:

    It’s pretty cute, but I’ve never been a big fan of red. Maybe they could do something similar in blue or another color for the WShop?

  9. MySaviorisJesus78 says:

    I love this theme!! I would love to have the red raccoon also!! :)

  10. broncosrule says:

    It’s darling!! too bad it’s estore. :-( My birthday is on Valentines day too. I wish I could afford it. :-( Anyway, cute theme Ganz.

    • AwsomeSwagDragonGirl1 says:

      It’s okay :/ it’s just that my dragons don’t have a taste for red ;)

    • gaberdoodle1234 says:

      I agree that the items are too expensive.. I do have an E-store account and love the room theme but i’m not buying the items because they want too much.. We’re kids (most of us) and our parents don’t want us to spend $40 dollars for a room that is only virtual.. I think they should lower the prices on everything. I’m a kid and only get so much in allowance every week..

    • popsidoodle says:

      is it expansive??? i totally love red velvet and i love valentine’s day! everything is just sooo pretty and i love red and white they look perfect together but white goes pretty much with everything!! :)

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