Sink into comfort with the classic Red Velvet room theme!









If you love Red Velvet,
then this room theme may be for you!










From charming couches, comfy classic chairs and lovely soft glowing lamps to gorgeous wallpaper and flooring, cute desks and desk chairs, this theme is perfect for any heart patterns fan!



Look for more Red Velvet room theme pieces coming to eStore throughout January and February!



43 Responses to Sink into comfort with the classic Red Velvet room theme!

  1. liligoldy says:

    I wish it wasn’t estore! The cuttest themes and items are estore! And the thing I hate the most is I am from Romania and I can’t pay dollars or buy membership!

  2. aglg1115 says:

    When will the estore have the sink, shower and toilet?

  3. lovetj606 says:

    oh I really want it I’ve been here four five years now doesn’t that count

  4. kity1976 says:

    I love this theme ! It’s so beautiful ! <3

  5. TrackStar101 says:

    I would LOVE to have that room! I have about 210 dollars in real life, so I would be willing to spend it, but my parents probably wont let me :( Valentines is my favorite holiday!!

  6. bearwearlily says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Too bad I don’t have an e-store account… :(

  7. TinaKitty24 says:

    Such a sweet, adorable, cute, expensive, pretty looking theme! I really want it! If only I had points. :cry:

  8. Annakral says:

    I agree. It would be so cool!

  9. petlover24435 says:

    This theme looks more like a valentines theme to me…

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