The Tiger Lily Kitten arrives in Webkinz World, June 1, 2019!

Adopt the Tiger Lily Kitten and watch your family of Webkinz pets blossom! This orange feline is always feeling fine when they’re relaxing in the summer shade under the Tiger Lily Gazebo! But what will really put a smile on their face is a sweet sip of their favorite frothy beverage: a Tiger Lily Latte!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!

47 Responses to The Tiger Lily Kitten arrives in Webkinz World, June 1, 2019!

  1. spriklesforever543 says:

    You have always made new pets but no one ever gets them. I’ll tell you why. No one can afford much because things are over priced. Most parents don’t pay for games like mine so if this keeps up your buissness could fall down. I think some pets should be for kinz cash and the most popular ones should be for estore points. But if you say no to me you will have no more money and even might go bankrupt. You have to read this please I love this game and I don’t want it to go.

  2. Sunnyfox2018pup says:

    I love the Tiger Lily Kitten, Its so cute! Im hoping to buy it soon!

  3. Gramkins says:

    I agree silentsun ! I hate a pet demanding something and making it sound like you don’t love them if you don’t do it ! Spoiled brats !

  4. ngeorgianow says:

    Yeah, filling up a heart before going out, ignoring annoying requests, or stocking up on beds/trampolines/treadmills all kinda work.

  5. ngeorgianow says:

    The psi kinda looks like the flower from Tangled

  6. cupcakeflowers says:

    It’s June 1st, at 1:49 am, and I just got home from a haircut appointment. I’m so happy because today the Tiger Lily Kitten is at the W Shop! The second I get through the door, I race to the computer. I quickly login to my Webkinz account and head straight for the W Shop. I’ve been waiting for this day so I can see how many estore points I need to get the pet. I’ve always thought the pattern of the Tiger Lily Pup was so beautiful, but I’ve never been a huge fan of dogs, I’ve always been a cat person. So you can probably guess I was super excited when I found out that a Tiger Lily Kitten was coming to Webkinz World. After a bit of looking, I found the pet. I was so thrilled! And then I see something thats crushes all my happiness. In order to get the pet, you have to be Deluxe. The only two words that I could think of where “Seriously?!” ‘Why?!” I was so heartbroken. I still am. I’m a Full Player, so that means, the beautiful pet I have been wanting, I can’t get. I know this will sound a bit strange, but when I have been wanting something for a long time and then I see that you have to be Deluxe to get it, to me it feels like Webkinz is saying “Oh, sorry, you’re not Deluxe, so you can’t get this. I don’t care that you really like it. What was that you said? You say you’ve been wanting it for a long time? Well too bad! You can’t have it! It’s not my problem that you’re not Deluxe!” But that’s just my opinion. I’m really happy though for everyone who could get this beautiful pet. I just really wish that I could have one too.

    • BeezKneez says:

      Hi cupcakeflowers – I’m sure you will be able to purchase this adorable kitten soon. Lately, the Estore has been offering deluxe members the first opportunity to buy new pets and then, after a week, offer the pet purchase to everyone. I know you were disappointed today, but you should be able to buy it soon. Best Wishes!

  7. silvertiger4388 says:

    You have explained it perfectly!! Especially the small time limit allowed – it really isn’t fun at all when you’re in the middle of doing something else. I’ve taken to having a bed in every room I’m working in just to be sure the little guy doesn’t ask me to do something. It’s definitely not as fun as seeing a pet who is awake, but it saves me the hassle of hearing the sad sound every time I miss an activity.

    • g2u3c4c5i says:

      Just a suggestion, I work to fill the heart up of one pet before I head out to do anything. Then, if another pet needs something, an exclamation will show up for them but does not have a time limit until you click on it. Then your pet will be happy while you complete other tasks. :)

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Yes, ~g2u3c4c5i, I find that to be most effective too. I had wondered why the exclamation marks had stopped popping up until just recently when I realized that they don’t ask while they are sleeping and I almost always keep all my pets in bed, unless I’m working with one specifically to fill it’s care meter. If I miss a day and get behind, then things get interesting, and by interesting, I mean that I then have a bunch of demanding little blighters on my hands!

    • ringneck1 says:

      I carry a trampoline in my dock for remedying sad pets when I don’t do what they want. I wish they had it set up that doing ANYTHING with your pets would make them happy instead of them demanding things you don’t wanna do (I forever get requests to do Quizzy questions and I hate them)

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