The Tiger Lily Kitten arrives in Webkinz World, June 1, 2019!

Adopt the Tiger Lily Kitten and watch your family of Webkinz pets blossom! This orange feline is always feeling fine when they’re relaxing in the summer shade under the Tiger Lily Gazebo! But what will really put a smile on their face is a sweet sip of their favorite frothy beverage: a Tiger Lily Latte!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!

48 Responses to The Tiger Lily Kitten arrives in Webkinz World, June 1, 2019!

  1. Oldshowsrock58 says:

    Love this! So cute! This is just a suggestion, but perhaps someday when Webkinz starts a new line of plushes, it can be turning some of the Estore pets into plushes :) angelgirldog7

  2. lemony says:

    Oh my…….soooooooooo adorable <3

  3. Awesomet1ger says:

    I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SO STICK’IN CUTE!!!!!

  4. KSC says:

    What a lovely pet!

  5. DustyDuster11 says:

    The tiger lily dog is one of the prettiest pets created. This kitten is adorable!!!

  6. dianadoodlebug says:

    So adorable!

  7. autumnleavesfly says:

    Oh, wow! So cute! Definitely getting this one!

  8. SnoopysGirl says:

    Super Cute! Might have to splurge and get this one!

  9. animalmomkls says:

    Oh my! I love her!! Must get this one. So beautiful!

  10. acoolaunt says:

    Aww, look at that smile!!

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