The Webkinz Splash Dragon will soon be retired!



The Splash Dragon is retiring from the Webkinz catalog this Sunday, May 18th, 2014!


Splash Dragon owners can celebrate in Webkinz World!


If you don’t have a Webkinz Splash Dragon, you have a chance to find an online-only version of this pet at Ganz eStore until Sunday May 18th, 2014!




The origins of this majestic creature are shrouded in mystery but there is no reason to fear the playful Splash Dragon! Members who adopt this pet will also receive a Sea Legend’s Bed and a sugary helping of Salt Water Taffy to share with their new friend!


You may find this online-only, virtual, pet and many more at eStore!



11 Responses to The Webkinz Splash Dragon will soon be retired!

  1. isabell says:

    ikr? like almost all dragons are going EXTINCT! Why? I don’t even have one. I like the icy one

  2. jessiekollin says:


  3. SavannahSong says:

    i hope you’ll be making some new awesome dragons! this one’s really beautiful.

  4. kitty3119 says:

    I don’t even know how to add estore points. Wish i even had the money, I love dragons.

  5. BH1464 says:

    It is very cute.

  6. ILoveHorses5 says:

    Aww I really wish this awesome pet wouldn’t retire!

    • Melody_Dixon says:

      Justthink of it this way.soon therell be more pets.maybe even a horse in your honer!

    • kitty3119 says:

      I know…. I love this pet. I wish i had it.

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

      yeah me too, Why arent they actually retiring older pets? there are pets older than that im sure

      • Gennelle Webkinz says:

        We retire pets because we’ve completely sold out of them in our warehouse. The age of the pet is usually irrelevant.

        • loolik6 says:

          1.what about retiring the retro-replay pets? 2.Which of those pets is sold out?:bengal tiger, spotted frog, velvety elephant, okapi, tree frog, pelican, blossom sea-turtle, Midnight monster, Fancy flamingo, Sunset Giraffe, Li’kinz pug, Cuddly koala (I heard that you are retired it in july 2013, I’m not sure if that’s right), Arctic polar bear, Sapphire pegasus, Rainbow pegasus, Radiant rhino, summer beaver, Stormy dragon, tree kangaroo, Hedgehog, stormy dragon, meerkat, bull terrier, labradoodle? 3.I have 4 retired pets (Hound dog, Red squirrel, Apatosaurus and Papillon dog. 4.can you give every sunday a clue for the next tetiring pet? 5.what are “chase pets”?

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