Webkinz Tips and Tricks: The Curio Shop!

There are many tips and tricks that players should know that will help them get the most out of Webkinz World, and in this series we’ll reveal them!


The Curio Shop is famous for Arte’s rare items. These are special finds that only appear once each day, and after they appear, you may not be able to buy them again for a very long time!


Only Arte knows when he’ll have a rare item in stock. If you are a special customer, you can ask him what time he’ll have a rare item. But how do you become a special customer?


Here’s how:


  • Visit the Curio Shop every day

  • Buy something from the Curio Shop as often as possible

  • Use the tip jar! The more you tip him, the faster Arte will remember you


Do all of these things every day for a few weeks and you’ll soon be a Curio Shop insider! You’ll know that you’re making progress when Arte starts to greet you differently each time you visit.


Just remember to save up lots of KinzCash– rare items can be quite expensive!


What other areas in Webkinz World would you like to learn about in our tips and tricks segment? Let us know in the comments below!



132 Responses to Webkinz Tips and Tricks: The Curio Shop!

  1. ngeorgianow says:

    Did this a long time ago… suddenly lost it a day or so ago? Arte greeted me like I had just made a webkinz account?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You have to maintain your status with Arte or it degrades over time.

      • ngeorgianow says:

        Can it really go from the highest level back down to “new account, this is the curio shop” all at once? I mean, if anything, I play more regularly than usual recently, which includes buying a bunch? I was also deluxe for a bit awhile ago, and going back to being a full member didn’t seem to cause anything?

  2. treegirl3002 says:

    thanks works well

  3. redfish2001 says:

    these are GREAT tips, im glad these aren’t just for deluxe members. go webkinz!

  4. loobysparkle says:

    I visit him a lot but do not tip or buy very often and i am not a special custamer. so u have to tip or buy

  5. Lilly1 says:

    The tip jar for Arte likes the $100.00 tip the best. Gets you faster towards the best items.

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