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    hey there! you may know me from some of my other forums and you may know I have a raffle forum. but this is my second one and it is better! I will have three contests going on at the same time each week . each contest will ask a question . you will answer the question of the contest you chose to enter in and you will also tell me your username . on the day of the drawing I will go over the posts and write the usernames of people who got the answer right. those peoples names will be in a jar and the name I pull out will win that contest! I will send that person their gift. you can enter in as many contests that you want. I will draw for the contests every Monday. so here are the contests! 1. what was the pet of the month in October 2010? prize : three things to decorate your yard with. 2. what webkinz host is this ? it is a girl. she wears a watch and a necklace with stars on it. prize : a rare doll. 3. what game in the tournament arena has do with placing reeds ? prize: 3 pieces of clothing that make a clothing recipe in the clothing machine. so join!

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      Okay, Q1. Skunk Q2. PJ Collie Q3. Duck Crossing. My user is the same as above. I hope I didn’t post too late.

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      1. Poodle ( i remember because pink is the represanative color of breast cancer, and october is breast cancer awarness month) 2. Polly-Jean Collie (a.k.a PJ collie) 3. Duck Crossing

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      I want to be in it too oh and for number 1. my computer is not loading right so I have to guss number 1. and here is my stuff for number 1. my answer is the spotted frog and my answer for number 2. is polly jean collie and for number 3. is duck crossing I hope its right bye

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      oh no!! i just realized I have not sent the gifts out yet!!!!!!!! please be patient and I will as soon as I can!!!!

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      Congratulations everyone!!! :D

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