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    Exclusive: Egyptian Window, Holographic Globe, Circus Ball Trampoline, Yellow Plasma Ball, and Moon Rover. Christmas: Reindeer Bobblehead, Candy Cane Couch, Santakinz Sleigh Ride Coaster Halloween: Scary Spector Wall Sticker, Jack O’ Lantern Wall Sticker, Webkinz Mummy Poster, Horrifying Halloween Walls/Floors, Creepy Cursed Chairs X3, Super Scary Stove, Green Ooze Puddle, Bone Chilling Fridge, Frightening Fireplace, Haunted House Table, Ghastly Graves X4. PSI: Artic Window (Polar Bear), Love Pond (Love Frog). Webkinz Newz: Cream Colored Toy Box, Love Topiary, Glowing Coffee Table, Wacky Hot Air Balloon, Friends of the Earth Trophy, Virgo Symbol Wall Decoration, Scorpio Symbol Decoration X2. This is all I have to trade as of this moment. I will post my wishlist shortly. I am looking for fair trades. Hopefully someone will like something. All trades will be through KP, you send first, i send after. I promise! Peace and let the trading memories begin.-Atom

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      Good idea! I missed a lot of chances to get snowflakes, however I think I got everything item wise from trading room. I think I have a lot of the clothing and food so if you want any of it, LMK please. P.S My pets didn’t finish any halloween candy yet I have so much food. LOL!- Atom

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      Atomton, want to have the same amount of items for winter fest? I have a room with ALL that I got from winter fest this year.

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        I stopped doing that last fest. I thought spreading them out would look more fashionable if I put a few in this winter room, christmas room, etc. Cool though! I am good with candles I think. Maybe 1 more? I would like like 1-2 more snowmen but you probably won’t want clothing or food from the fest?-Atom

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      Ikr, I absolutely hated braces the first week but then it wasn’t so bad. But then I got the elastics.

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        I finished the elastics for now. I went all the way up to impallas. The tightest ouch. I miss them, they were awesome. Especially when my mom vacuumed and they flew all over the room. Ha Ha!-Atom

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        Mine hurt the first 3 days

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      Hi SnowflakePup or Hurricane. Which one should I call you? I have braces to and I used to have rubberbands so I know how you feel. It sucks to give up popcorn and gum and all that good stuff doesn’t it. In another 2 years I will have them on the same amount as Raina did in the book Smile. You should read it. It is a 100 page cartoon book any teen with braces including me can totally relate too. At least I don’t have a mouth guard. This book will leave you ROFL ( Rolling On Floor Laughing) TTYS-Atom

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        Thankfully I don’t need braces… yet! I hope I never need them :)! Although at my last dentists appointment my Mom or the dentist or someone might have mentioned me needing them… Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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          I had to have them because my teeth stuck out. Atleast I can have straight teeth. If you need to get them on come talk to me and atom when your’e in pain (not to scare you even if you can take pain it is really alot. I can take so much pain but this is just I don’t know how to explain it) See ya later- Snow

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        Call me snow the whole hurricane thing can be understood if you read zebb5′s Kinz Chat forum. One more year for me. I had head gear the first time and now have a thing called a herbst. Also I don’t ever chew gum. Also when you get them off probally best not to. It is bad for your jaw. I told my mum before that she could have popcorn and that stuff (she doesn’t eat it without me) but then I told her she can’t eat the healthy stuff without me. (I love healthy syuff) Also if you have pain with braces I learned this last night. Get pain some where else. My eyes stung last night a little because I was washing my face with my acne wash and some of it got in my eye I guess. It only stung but didn’t hurt…………………………………………………….-Snow

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          I have braces. Second day was a living nightmare.

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            as well as the first. It is worth it in the end but the pain, with all these gadgets they have I swear they want us in pain

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              1-3 were worse for me, now after 2 years of tightening and yeah I am getting used to them and it doesn’t really bother me. Plus I know in like 2 more visits I will get a $25 giftcard in which I can by some webkinz I want. Maybe the cat I want the orange one will come my way? TTYS-Atom Oh and Gold you are lucky! My bro doesn’t need them either. I am happy that you don’t have to go through the pain.

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          Yeah I never chew gum or eat popcorn. I hope you don’t mix up your acne stuff again. LOL to this but once I put my acne medication on my toothbrush. TTYS-Atom

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      Hurricane here. Well “Bry” and I am looking at the webkinz account that “Atomton” plays on webkinz and you are not there. AND WHY IS IT FROGS. (I get it but from the view of a webkinz that doesn’t know you get it…………right) anyways I am safe from (says my name which I was about to type §) but SHE PICKED LUMPY OVER ME ( I have a stuffed animal named lumpy he is from winnie the pooh) she gets her braces tightened and changed and is in pain I think the least she could do is pick ME. Okay well Charlie here, I am her awesome brother and she is arguing with me but doesn’t she remind you of Ms. Piggy. See ya-Charlie Okay well I am glad he is gone now if this posts this is awesome typing and yeah hanging out online cause I can. – ♥Hurricane♥ and also how do you smileys (I know how to but this is webkinz point of view ;) also braces hurt bad I have one more yaer and want it too be the time.)

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        Ha Ha! I am frogsandfly. I am also Atomton. And me name is Bry! Frogsandfly is that because well I love frogs and a fly just flew by. ROFL and LOL! I named my ganzworld account after a stuffed webkinz frog I have named atom and used letters to important to tell. I am busy so yeah sorry! No Charlie Snow is not like Ms. Piggy. I might have them between 1-5 more. Already had them on for 2 with my braces. I have 5 missing teeth so if I didn’t have braces I would need 5 implants plus they were not enough space for my teeth to grow. TTYS-Bry/Atom/Frogsandfly ok!

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          I thought it was because of the fact that you love frongs and frogs eat flys. Thus the name Frogsandflys

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        Webkinz point of veiw atom. Charlie the porcupine. What would I do if my brothers were porcupines. Charlie is actually the brother of my webkinz snowflake pup Hurricane. Also my webkinz Zoe, Rudy, and my non webkinz random brand dalmatian Sarah. Okay enough said……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….BYE

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          Wait were you making your webkinz talk or is Charlie also your brothers name. I am confused.-Atom

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            Webkinz talk. ANd no my brothers name is not charlie. That would be odd since I’ve only grown up with three with there COMPLETELY different names.

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