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    Hi my name is lizocka (or Minty Wish). I’m hosting this contest because I wanted to know what all of you want for Christmas! Here are the rules – no spamming, you can enter 3 times, don’t be rude, mean, or disrespectable! All you need to do is tell me what YOU want for Christmas, whether it’s on Webkinz or in real life :D I’m really interested in what all of you are interested in :) I am going to be choosing 3 winners randomly! The rest of you will get a little something form Santa’s sack ;) So, send me your user and you will get your present on Christmas eve!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! ~ Lizocka <3

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      Hi Minty Wish! ( Its Pepper ) I am glad you thought of hosting a contest too!!!! Here is What I want for Christmas : I want a webkinz signature moose, Webkinz signature owl, webkinz snowflake puppy, Mike from monsters ink and Sully from monsters ink! On webkinz all I want is estore points lol! Gifts are awesome but there is no gift more awesome then Jesus! :)

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      in webkinz what I really want are points to get the new gingerbread puppy. in real life I really want a zoomer- one of those robot dogs because my mom wont let us get a real one.

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      hay there!!!! my username is mollyberger and I want an ipod touch , a bejeweled board game, a mall gift card and stuff for my room such as a mirror and a lamp. thx!!!

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      Hi, Thank you for making this post! I would really like to get a candy dreamland dress, or a lillypad dress. If not, any other cool clothing is fine! My username is v15d. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! Trader101

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        Hi! In real life I want a horse! In webkinz I want anything! My user name is the same as my account name! You will receive many blessings this year!

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        Hey, meet me in the Trading room some time in January (I got banned!!) and you can have my Candy Dreamland dress! my username is pipinka11 (I’ll let you know what pet i’ll be!)

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      Hi my username if frogsandfly. What I really want for Christmas is a retired exclusive. I am looking for 29 of them, but any one you can help me with would be amazing! Please check Atomton’s Retired Exclusive Wishlist, and Atomton’s Trade List 2 to see if there is anything you want. Great Contest! Good Luck Everyone!-Atom

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        Hi I’m bgos (that’s my name on webkinz). You are so generous! You will be showered with blessings this Christmas! In real life I want another webkinz, in webkinz world I want Christmas stuff that’s deluxe & if not that I want old webkinz clothes! Merry Christmas!

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        Hmm I’ll see what Santa’s sack can do ;)

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