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    Hi my name is lizocka (or Minty Wish). I’m hosting this contest because I wanted to know what all of you want for Christmas! Here are the rules – no spamming, you can enter 3 times, don’t be rude, mean, or disrespectable! All you need to do is tell me what YOU want for Christmas, whether it’s on Webkinz or in real life :D I’m really interested in what all of you are interested in :) I am going to be choosing 3 winners randomly! The rest of you will get a little something form Santa’s sack ;) So, send me your user and you will get your present on Christmas eve!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! ~ Lizocka <3

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      I really want a Kindle Fire HD case! Plus the stylus! my user is eberry4.

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      Hi! My username is same here (hklover628 ) What I want for christmas in real life is the lightning thief DVD. In webkinz world what i want is a nice cute food outfit for my pet. ^_^ Also what i really want for christmas is my mom to be off from work so we can spend time together on christmas day. Good Luck to everyone!!! -hklover628

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        You know I kinda wanted to cry when I read your comment :( I really do wish that your mom will get out of work for the Holidays! I really do :) I hope that you’ll have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!

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      Thanks to everyone who entered! I’m sooo glad that all of you decided to enter! I’m so thankful for some of your comments! You all will be blessed and when Santa’s sleigh flies over your house you will have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! So I hope that everyone will have a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!! For further notice – Contest ends on the 24th (Christmas eve), you will all get something from Santa’s sack (don’t worry), everyone that entered WILL I repeat WILL get something! Everyone will get a little goodie bag of 3 – a food, clothing, and item (don’t worry it’s not kinzstyle) Ok well GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! ~ Lizocka <3

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      Oh yeah! My user is. Glitter1414

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      Oh man, I’m sorry, I forgot to put my user, it’s the same as here, except without the 830 in it. (In other words, it’s JesusismyLord, again, sorry I forgot to put it)

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        No worries! Thanks for entering! GOOD LUCK! ~Lizocka <3

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