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    Hi! :D This forum will run until Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I’ll announce the winners. There will be three winners drawn. If you’re not drawn, you’ll still win something. ;) I’ll announce the prizes when this comes out of moderation. Merry Christmas!~SC

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      Congratz everyone. I hope you have the best christmas. I have I am lucky because I got alot. I GOT A KARAOKE MACHINE. I am so grateful and stuff

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      HERE ARE THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D BTW, there is NO FAVORITISM IN DRAWING THE WINNERS, so if you don’t get drawn, please don’t get upset at me. Whoever I draw( with my eyes closed ) are the winners: I don’t pick the winners based on them being my friends or what-not. It’s a random pick something out of the hat kind of thing. I wrote all your usernames on pieces of paper that were the same size, put them in a hat, closed my eyes, shuffled them around with my eyes closed, and took out a random paper. ;) 1ST PRIZE: THE NEO-GOTHIC FIREPLACE GOES TO: HUNNYPOO128!!!! :D 2ND PRIZE: THE ACE OF CLUBS ROOM DIVIDER GOES TO: SNOWFLAKE PUP QUEEN!!!!! :D 3RD PRIZE: THE NEO-GOTHIC NIGHT STAND GOES TO: JESUSISMYLORD830!!!! :D CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE, AND ENJOY YOUR PRIZES!!! :D By the way, I changed the prizes for those who didn’t get drawn. Instead of the trench coat, the prizes will be a SPARKLING CHRISTMAS TREE because it’s Christmas. :D And every single one of you will receive a cup of triple hot chocolate just for entering. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN THIS!!!~SC

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      Hi! :D Merry Christmas!!! Sorry this is soo late, since tomorrow is Christmas eve, but can I enter? Along with my siblings? Well, my username is Sissydoodle27, brother’s is Brotherbear27 and my sister’s is Littlepeanut18. (Btw, It looks like you really outdid yourself this time. ;) )

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        Hi WPL yes, you all can enter. I’m doing the draw right now in fact. :D BTW, what do you mean that I outdid myself? I just wanted to let you know about this because we’re friends. :) Have a Merry Christmas!~SC

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          I might be doing a new years raffle too, but I’m still thinking about it.

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      my sister is bubblegirl16633 my friend is seh60 and I am dora5678910. we all share this account on webkinz newz. thanks ahead if we win! :D

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        Hi dora5678910! :D Since you all share a GW account, your webkinz usernames will be entered separately in the raffle instead( everyone else enters by their GW usernames since they just post one account ). Merry Christmas!!!~SC

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