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    These are my boys wishes: Clown Car, circus ball trampoline, or anything circus themed, moon rover, christmas hats and snowglobes. It’s not out yet, but the oldest would like the capricorn telescope. Their UN is redheadboys02. For myself I am looking for any foods from the WOW app, clubhouse parties or items that give you food. Also looking for a snowflake rug, caroling snowmen (estore promo), holiday zangoz gumball machine (estore promo). My little niece would like any cute, girly dresses or gemsters. If you can help my little niece, thank you, but you will have to send to me and I will send to her. Thanks for looking. If possible, leave a wishlist, so I have some ideas on what to send friends. ~MORHB~

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      I think i have the snow globe hat! oh and i suggest looking in the W-shop at the building projects! they have a daredevil high dive and it is very clownish! GL! and merrry Xmas!

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        Hi Glitz. We have the high dive building kit already, but thanks for the reminder. Also, someone else offered the snowglobe hat, but I really appreciate the offer. Have a great Christmas! ~MORHB~

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      K so for all you’ve helped me time to fill the good deed in merry measure so for you’re niece if you get a package with hearts on thats for and I might complete it with shoes hmmm. Also for you’re boy’s anything else they might want? I mean there boys so maybe something sports related or gaming wise. XD

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        GG – Their next room, after the circus room is completed, will be either their pirate room or arcade. We can only do one or two rooms at a time, or they get overwhelmed, lol. We only have the pirate stuff from completing challenges right now and the bed. So if you want to send stuff from the pirate theme, that will work too. Thanks for the clothing for “bug” (little niece) and the offer for the boys. TTFN. ~MORHB~

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          XD no problem it’s Christmas the time of giving and I will also send a rare that I got that might fit perfectly somewhere for your boys post more later gotta run (to another computer)

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          Also this part is for the boys; Wow priorities straight I can’t even manage to focus on one room in my webkinz house. I am a little (okay alot) impatient. A game room is what I’ve been thinkin’ about doing. I am not sure yet I mean it couldn’t be too hard… before I go off to another topic like always… For a game room maybe for a game room the new Toy Basketball Hoop. I have an idea and will tryand help ya with the pirate things I have some from somewhere so.. It’s well yall will see. I think it’s kinda neat so yeah. Happy holidays- SPQ/GG

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          Okay so for your neice I might have some more dresses I hope she will enjoy them

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      Hi I will see what I have. Thanks for trading with me.-Atom

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        Thanks Atom. Quick question…Did you happen to get the propeller plane you were asking about in another forum? If not, I have one for you for Christmas. If you already got it (or someone else had this in mind to gift Atom) let me know so I can look for something else for you. If so, are there any rares you are still needing? Thanks again and check out the message I gave Snowflake Pup Queen about the next rooms. TTFN ~MORHB~ PS sorry to ruin the “surprise” of gifting, but it is the only way I can get you what you still need and people aren’t sending duplicates.

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      I may also have some other extra dresses. I’ll let you know which ones.

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        Hi Sweetz – She would love the fairy dress. I’m not sure if that is one she has or not. If she does, one of her friends just started playing too, so she might pass it along. Of course it is real cute and she might just keep it, lol. She is getting “twin” webbies on Christmas, so she will dress them the same for a while. Thanks for the clothing and candy cane offers. ~MORHB~

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          Hi momofredheadboys! I will send you the fairy dress and three candy canes: one each for your two boys, and one for your niece. :) As for the other dresses, I didn’t have a chance to look yet ( sorry ) because I’ve been super busy with Christmas concerts this whole weekend, so I might post about the other dresses on monday or tuesday. ;) By the way, when you called me ”Sweetz”, it reminded me of Vanellope Von ”Schweetz” from Wreck It Ralph. :) Have a sweet day!~SC

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      I also have some candy canes from the app too. ;)

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