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    These are my boys wishes: Clown Car, circus ball trampoline, or anything circus themed, moon rover, christmas hats and snowglobes. It’s not out yet, but the oldest would like the capricorn telescope. Their UN is redheadboys02. For myself I am looking for any foods from the WOW app, clubhouse parties or items that give you food. Also looking for a snowflake rug, caroling snowmen (estore promo), holiday zangoz gumball machine (estore promo). My little niece would like any cute, girly dresses or gemsters. If you can help my little niece, thank you, but you will have to send to me and I will send to her. Thanks for looking. If possible, leave a wishlist, so I have some ideas on what to send friends. ~MORHB~

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      Hi momofredheadboys! I finally sent you three candy canes for your two boys and your niece to enjoy plus her fairy ball gown. :D I have an extra reindeer slippers that I can send your boys for Christmas along with some food for their pets to enjoy( sorry I don’t have any circus stuff). Do I send it to their account/s, or your account? And do they need two pairs of slippers( one for each of them and account )? Because I only have one extra pair. Do they have one account each, or do they share an account? As for your niece’s dresses, besides the fairy ball gown, I also have the twilight hamster ball gown, blue starlight robe, headdress, and sandals, moon berry dress, pretty plaid gown, and prismatic dress. PLMK what items you’re interested in, or if she already has some or all of those. Merry Christmas!~SC

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        Sorry it took so long to respond SC. Thanks for what you sent. We are all set with slippers and dresses. The boys share an account. They were using mine, but I had to give them their own after they started to sell stuff, lol. Merry Christmas! ~MORHB~

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      The boys have seen the reindeer slippers and asked if I could add them to their Christmas wish list, so I am, lol. ~MORHB~

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      hey morhb i have the moonrover, lots of foods, and bet i could find a cute dress for your niece. i FR your boys. Do you need the gingerbread puppy psf? i might have the clown car but would have to check… Merry CHRISTmas!!

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        Thanks for what you sent. I already received the Gingerbread puppy PSF and the clown car, but thanks anyway. ~MORHB~

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      Hi mom, is there anything from your wish list you still need? I’d hate to send you replicas of things you’ve already gotten. Hugs, Darian

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        Hi Darian. The only things we are still looking for are Christmas Hats, or any funny hats for the boys. I’m looking for foods from clubhouse parties or recipe foods. My niece likes girly or pretty clothing that you can’t get from Kinzstyle Outlet or Shop. Recipe clothing will also work for her. Is there anything you might be looking for to complete rooms, or just things you have been wanting for a while? Thanks. ~MORHB~

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      Hey mom! I will send you some app food and also some dresses for your niece! I will look while i am at it and see if i can find anything circus like. Keep Smiling! Clarissais93 (Cheeseheadbackup)

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