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    Hello, this is a forum for people who need pet names, and want to help me suggest names to people. Anyone can join my team, and there is no limit to how many people can join. Have fun! :)

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      so let me put some words in British and then put them in american so lets go: Bloke-Boy Cuddle-Hug. So not many but next look up these words in British can’t shaln’t working. My brain is not working today but i will post some new stuff every day and you can learn it when you can i have alot of time now but next year i will have a tight schedule so gotta learn me British a little bit so bye

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        here are my suggestens for sig. bulldogs! Morrris, Spencer, or Boris! Hoped I helped! Have a nice day!

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      Hi! I’d love to help! I have a binder FULL of pet names!

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      I’d love to help you name pets!! :D I used to run tons of naming forums…got lost with all the new ones! Thanks! :D ~SS

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      Hey sweetcupcake!! I would LOVE to help you name pets! Would you like me to post some names that I know?#SolveTheNeonTutu

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        Hi chillylily! Sure! :) Maybe once someone posts on here that they need a name for their pet. :) Have a sweet day!~SC

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        Could you give me a name for a Small Signature Fox? It’s a girl BTW. I’m asking for it for Christmas!!

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          Hi 02012003! How are you? I’m thinking of names right now. :) What type of names do want? Have a sweet day!~SC

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          That’s a cute pet! I’m asking for the fox terrier and the signature English bulldog for Christmas!

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          Allie Meranda Callie Charrlote Scarlot if you wnt a redo i am always happy

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          Alright 02012003, here are my names! Hope you like! Gloria, Nora, Sasha, Trixie(Trixie is a great name for a fox because foxes are considered clever, cunning, and tricky so Trixie is a great name), Popy, Poppy, Caramel, Brittney, Lizzy, Jade, Jane, Paisley, Jayla, Abigail, Cassidy, Cascade, Piper, Amber, Lavender, Whittney, Pandora, Ophelia, Dixie, Nixie, Thalia, Theresa, Anastasia, Cadence, Blossom, Miracle, Celeste, Faith, Circe, Monica, Amelia, Mystica, Macey, Aquata, Lyla, Nancy, Pricilla, Annabeth, Hazel, Jewel, Darla, Chaley, Charity, Carah, Kyla, Coraline, Caroline, Veronica, Victoria, Vanessa, Allie, Felicity, Bailey, Gabriel, Amanda, Hannah, Nicole, Nikky, Christina, Layla, Callie, Zoe, Zoey, Eve, Noel, Scarlet, Maroon, Crimson, Red Flower, Fire, Sarah, and Ariel

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          Ooh what are Marina?

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          ohmigosh im asking for the small signature fox for Christmas, too! :O I’m planning on naming mine Sage, but here’s a list of names you can use! :) Primrose, Autumn, Joy, May, Rhonda, Lilac, Destinay, or maybe Nim? (Like in the book, Nim’s island, not sure if you read that.) hope this helped! My webkinz name is MistyPuppy17 if you wanna add me!~Misty900

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      you said on a forum of foxstars that I could work here so. Lets get started put some names out from me mums name book and sweet cupcake do you want to learn how to properly talk british I am still trying to teach meself a little bit cause i have it with an american mix so you know and look up frasier and learn Simmons accent i can do a dead on Simmon accent along with Gertrude

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        Ok. :) I’m learning some grammer, spelling), different words,etc. online from a british languaga website, but I don’t really have time to do learn it because of homework. You can teach me though. :)

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          Oops. I misspelled language. Sorry…I was sort of a hurry when I typed that post.

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        Do you have a name for a strawberry cloud leopard?? (I think that’s what it’s called.) Nothing Cliche’ like “Cotton Candy” please.

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          Hi allwordstaken! Here are some names: Shanelle( it’s like the name Chanel with a different spelling), Bella, Floria, Francesca, Bianca, Victoria( I like the name Victoria), Chloe, and if I find more names, I’ll let you know ASAP. Have a sweet day!~SC

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          strawberry shortcake

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          Vannesa Diane Clera Madd

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