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    Hello, this is a forum for people who need pet names, and want to help me suggest names to people. Anyone can join my team, and there is no limit to how many people can join. Have fun! :)

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      For the Patchy Puppy: Girl: Brianna, Tessa, Kaitlin, Alice, Lexianna, Sophie, or Zoey. Boy: Max, Zack, Alex, Toby

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      and if you could share some words you use and will post some names daily if you want and also the boot of a car is the trunk and the hood is whatever you call the front piece

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        Hello Snowflake Pup Queen! Here are all the British words I know, and what they’re called in the US. Racing car=race car, gaol=jail/prison, lift=elevator, boot=trunk of car, mum=mom, aluminium=aluminum, labour=labor, colour=color, motor bike=motorcycle, aeroplane=air plane or just plane, bobby=police officer,bog=lavatory, car hire=car rental, child-minder=baby sitter or just sitter, estate car=station wagon, fire brigade=fire department, UK emergency number is 999 while US and Canada is 911, shout=call out for an emergency service, holiday maker=vacationer, holiday=vacation, ice lolly=popsicle, jacket potato=baked potato, jumper=pullover,sweater, trousers=pants, and flat=apartment. As for water closet, is that the same as the rest room/bath room? Have a sweet day!~SC

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        I also know of teatime. :)

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        Lol! We say hood and brilliant here! ;)

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          btw i just feel like saying this but ihad this art/music class a couple of years ago and i had this british teacher and i knew where he was from so he askeded us my had already in the air so my friend said fance and he was like close and then it came to i said england and he said yes can you come up and find it on the globe i found it fast like i know where it is not hard and i also told him that im british and that has to my FAVORITE class i ever had

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          maybe its bonnet i think i can’t remeber

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      By the way, I know I should’ve posted this earlier, but here’s how this forum works. :) Let’s suppose that someone comes on here and says something such as,”I need name suggestions for my webkinz”. Then, whoever is hired on this forum (and I) may suggest names if they want to. Also, I think that in the naming business, having other people suggesting names besides yourself is a good idea, because maybe someone who’s hired might think of a name that nobody else thought of that the person who needs a name would like. :) Have a sweet day!~SC

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      so more words, water closet, loo, (we say it alot) brilliant, areoplane

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      What should I name my new patchy puppy? Any suggestions? I want a cute name. I’m not saying this to brag or anything, but I just won one from the contest today! :D

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        Girl: Claire, Diane, Margaret, Cleo, Maddie Boy: Blake, Luke, Tony, Alexander

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        So sorry to say this, but please disregard the post I made about needing a name. I just got a name for my patchy puppy. Thanks a lot for the name suggestions, though! My patchy puppy’s name is Beatrice. :D

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