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    Hello, this is a forum for people who need pet names, and want to help me suggest names to people. Anyone can join my team, and there is no limit to how many people can join. Have fun! :)

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      im good! and if u want, u can just call me Angel!

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      i am asking for the Signature Lion and i will probably name is Aslan from Aslan in The Chronicles Of Narnia books and movies! but of course i may come here if i can’t any more that i don’t know about! and do u mind if i help? i know some really good names from old movies and tv shows! and when i give names i will tell u where i got it from!~ GO TEXAS LONGHORNS, NAVY MIDSHIPMEN, GEORGIA BULLDOGS, AND NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH!!!!

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        how about: Marron, Blake, Cory, Frank, Sam

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        Hi angelgirldog7! How are you? And yes, of course you can help! :) By the way, guess what? I think that Aslan is the perfect name for the signature lion! I read the Chronicles of Narmia too, and it is one of my favorite book series. ;) If I had a signature lion, I would definitely name it Aslan. Have a sweet day,! ~SC

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      Hey! I’d like to join your team. Just contact me when needed. Thanks a lot!

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      I need names for Webkinz: Woolly Mammoth-boy and a snowy owl- girl (i was hoping not to do hedwig though :)

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        Wooly Mammoth: Calypso, Maris, Louise, Zach, Tyler Snowy Owl: Maria, Cladina, Anna, Bri, Natalie

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        Hi froggylover333! For your woolly mammoth: have you ever seen any of the ”Ice Age” movies? The name that came to my mind was ”Manny” who is one of the main characters who happens to be a woolly mammoth. As for your snowy owl, hmmmmmm…… here’s a list of names that I found online that have to do with snow: Akitla ( Inuit name that means snow falling on water),Dinlitla( Inuit name that means little balls of snow that cling to fur), Aneira or Eira( Welsh names that both mean snow). If I think of any more names,I will let you know. Have a sweet day!~SC

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          ice age gonna watch the series this weekend what about the girl mammoth just curious can’t remember

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            The Ice Age girl mammoth’s name is Ellie. ;) I suggested Manny because froggylover333 wanted a boy’s name for their mammoth( still thinking of more names).

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              just could not remember wait isn’t she a possoum OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT oops caps lock wa on but I remember she kept insisting that shes a possoum until she found out she’s not and that caused drama love ellie and SC Im a possum

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          Manfred from ice age just heard it watching it currently and call him Manny for short

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      I would LOVE to join! add me cats260!

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        Hi cats260! Sure I will add you. My username is VBS123. Have a sweet day!~SC

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