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    Hello, this is a forum for people who need pet names, and want to help me suggest names to people. Anyone can join my team, and there is no limit to how many people can join. Have fun! :)

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      I got a few webkinz for Christmas and I need name I got a Signature Cow (boy), a Whale (boy or girl), and a Lil kinz Elephant (boy or girl). Thanks! Also I am gonna join and help other people with names! (even though I can’t even think of names for my own pets) hahah!

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        Cow: Mooark (get it pun; Mark) Carl, Monti. Whale: Alex, Max, Alanian Elephant: Peaches (It is in the mamoth family and peaches from ice age come to mind) Andrea, Island (Pronounce the s like z)

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      Hi! I’m hoping to get some webkinz for Christmas so I need some names for a Pink Cuddly Koala and a webkinz hedgehog. Thanks!

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        Koala: Darnia,Calana, Summer Hedgehog: Carl, Kevin, Steve. Camora, Alex, Selena

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      I need names for Sign. Moose, Sign. Snow Leopard, Orange Soda Pup, Ice Cream Pup and Chinese Dragon

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        Ariana, Dillon, Cory, Mallina, Calvine, Darnia, Calia, Marina, Bob, Alex

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      Hey Cupcake! I asked for a Arctic Polar Bear for Christmas, and in case I get it I need a name for it. I was hoping your name team can come up with some names for me? Thanks. ~Horseracer99~

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        So for you how about: Carry, Selena, Carl, Alex, Mark. Hope I helped I sm not on my best for naming

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        I love the movie Frozen, and was thinking: Frosty, Elsa, or Olaf. ;) Or you could name it Snowbella( I just made that up LOL ) Have a sweet day!~SC

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          I’m so sorry if that’s not creative enough. :)

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      Thanks I like the name Retha I am not sure if you were recommending it to me but I’m using it ^.^ Thanks!

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