Do you think all members should be able to buy eStore points with KinzCash?

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    If you think Webkinz World should allow regular and Deluxe members to buy eStore points with KinzCash, post your comments on this online petition, and once we’ve got enough posts, I’ll write to Webkinz, telling them how many people agree with this idea. Thanks for your input!

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      one word…. NO! here’s my reasons; 1. Estore items/clothes would go south in value. 2. lots of people have spent $20 just to get a couple items. 3. the scamming rate in WW would shoot to the stars. i once got scammed 8 time in one day… imagine the chaos! 4. Webkinz needs to earn money or they will need to close down. we all dont want that to happen! Sorry if i sound like a grump, i just really rebel against this idea. -The Bengal Tiger-

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        they could be given away if you finish a super mega challenge or for holidays like christmas or something.

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      Although it’s a great idea, I have to say that I don’t fancy the idea of it ever being put in place. I think it’s unfair for players who do invest real money. True, it would be nice for all players to earn eStore points in their own way, however I don’t see how it would appeal to those who have spent a fortune on eStore points. In addition, Ganz gives a generous amount of free eStore points to those who invest in Deluxe membership. Within three months, a Deluxe member has amassed enough points to adopt a free pet. (Or any other item) I think it’s worth the money.

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        I see your point, but personally I think Deluxe costs too much.

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          Yeah, I guess that’s true. Especially the one year.

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      Totally I think all member should be able to do that and earn e store points by playing games andaopting new pets

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      Yeah totes good idea, but like 613dolphin said : Webkinz does need money to survive.

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      I like this idea, but Webkinz needs money. I’m not sure why they need MORE ways to make revenue, since they have all the pets and tangible products, but they obviously have this for a reason. If it would be possible, I’d love to have this, though!

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        613dolphin, thanks 4 your input! It’s gonna make DOZENS of members happy! Thanks a bunch!

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        i love the idea but how do u sign the petition

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        maybe we could donate money

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