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    {FREE FURN & CLOTHING} In order to completely understand please read the contest “rules” -CONTEST RULES- in order to have a very good chance you must comment! I will choose (2) comments “RANDOMLY” at the end of the contest i will pick 2 comments, not because i like them, or read it and loved it, SO DO NOT TRY AND BUTTER ME UP because when i choose i will have my eyes closed. -VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE- if you comment more than 1 time you will be kicked out of the contest! and comment your user in the comments!!! Because if i pick you and you did not leave your WEBKINZ WORLD user i will not be able to add you and send you your gift! Thank you for entering this contest please click reply! -PRIZES- Patchwork Sofa……. (rare) and antique iron stove…… I know it is no big give away but it is very much worth a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better than nothing right? THIS CONTEST WILL END AT 12\20\2013 – Dec 20th 2013 if it is passed that time than the contest is closed i will make sure to say CLOSED in the comments and I will make sure to comment the winners at the end! If you get a friend Request from Glitter1414 add me……. I will not be accepting friend requests in message center! THANK YOU AND PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES!

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      Hi! True2MyWord1 here! I’d like to join your contest. Don’t worry, I won’t try to “butter you up”! See ya

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      Hi HeyitsGlitz!! I sent you 3 of the Christmas Trees. I hope you like them. You already have my user frogsandfly because we exchanged before. Peace be with you and good luck to everyone. Thanks for this fun contest. Peace and remember Jesus is the reason for the season!-Atom

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        Oh Atomton on my Glitter1414 account I do not think i got something…. do you think you possibly sent it to the wrong user???? but thanks so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will check the mail again next time i get on! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Happy holidays to all. My user is EmiliaGG and genius idea. So no more posting. Good luck everyone.

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        that was to myself and I always do this I never like what I say after words

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      Hello…hello…my name is Hunnypoo (Hunnypoo128)! I really like your post…Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may God bless you too!! (I tried rhyming) hehehe!! :)

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      Jingle Bells are fun! Donuts too! My Username is JesusismyLord and I want to say Hi to you! (I like rhyming)

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